Cry of the Kalahari Character Descriptions

Mark James Owens
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Mark Owens and Delia Owens

This person spent seven years in the Kalahari Desert, a desolate region in the northern sector of Botswana, studying the wildlife there.


This person was the twenty-six-year-old African hired to help American researchers in their camp for the rate of fifty cents per day.

Lionel Palmer

This person was a professional hunter living in the village of Maun in the northern region of Botswana.


This animal was a dominant male lion that was shot in the face and chest but survived.


This animal was the dominant male in the Blue Pride before being inadvertently killed by a safari hunter.

Bergie Berghoffer

This person was a field rep for the Botswana Department of Surveys and Lands. The character brought supplies to American researchers before dying from a heart attack.

Norbert Drager

This person brought mail to the American researchers.



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