Cry of the Kalahari Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mark James Owens
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• The prologue opens as Mark and Delia Owens fell asleep in their sleeping bags in the Kalahari when they could no longer hear the rustle of the Blue Pride of lions they had been tracking.

• The couple woke to see one of the large females standing at the edge of their sleeping bags staring at them. Then she turned and joined the rest of the pride.

• Mark and Delia Owens both delayed finishing their doctoral degrees in 1974 to move to the Kalahari to study lions and hyenas in their natural habitats. They were lucky enough to be sent to a location so untouched by humans the animals hadn't yet learned to fear them.

Chapter 1, The Jumblies

• On his way to Africa, Mark fell asleep with his head against the window of the airplane and had a vivid dream about a cheetah chasing a gazelle when suddenly, the...

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