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This item was stolen from a reporter's house on the day she was killed.

Electric Chair

Convicted of murder, one character is put to death by this object.

Robyn Naismith's Television

A murder victim's body is found propped up against this object.


In an attempt to mimic an earlier crime, a murder victim's body is found outside, propped up against this object.

Robyn Naismith's House

When a character walks in on a burglary, she is killed here.

Men's Cologne

Scarpetta finds this object on the body of her morgue supervisor, helping her to identify the supervisor's lover and to recreate the final moments of her life.


Lucy, Scarpetta's niece, is an expert with this object.

Envelope to be Buried with Waddell

This object is in the pocket of the deceased.

Envelope in Susan's House

Money is found in this object, which incorrectly suggests that one...

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