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Short Answer Questions

1. When John Proctor reminds Mr. Putnam that "votes are not granted by the acre." What is he implying?

2. Who is the naked figure Parris sees disappear into the woods in Act 1?

3. What does Abigail call Elizabeth Proctor when discussing her reputation in Act 1?

4. Who claims Tituba has knowledge of conjuration?

5. Abigail is sure that John Proctor still has feelings for her. What example does she use to back up her claim?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do we learn about Abigail in Act 4?

2. Does Tituba come up with the idea of other townspeople talking to the devil?

3. Mercy Lewis tells Parris that she thinks that Ruth is feeling better near the end of Act 1. What gives her the idea that she is on the mend?

4. Why might John Proctor not attend Parris' sermons?

5. Why was Abigail really fired from being a servant to the Proctors?

6. Parris asks Hale to come to Salem to figure out why the Betty and Ruth are sick. Why does he call Hale and not another doctor?

7. What will happen to Elizabeth now that she might be pregnant?

8. Why might Mr. Putnam be suspicious of Sarah Good?

9. What is the theme of the epilogue?

10. Is Parris's main concern only for his daughter's health?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Mary had a chance to make things right in court, but she crumbles under pressure. Why did she have a hard time fainting for the judge? How might she rationalize her behavior? Or did she really think she was bewitched by Abigail? Or, was she just too scared to stand up for the truth?

Essay Topic 2

How is witchcraft viewed in modern society? Compare and contrast the witches in the Crucible to a modern "witch." The student can use characters from movies, fiction, non-fiction, and television shows in his/her answer.

Essay Topic 3

Several characters in the play, like Parris are extremely concerned about their reputation. To what extent are we all just victims of reputation? How do labels and the society around us affect our behavior and the way we see ourselves? Is this natural human focus on reputation a benefit or a disadvantage or both?

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