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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mrs. Putnam suspicious of Sarah Good?

2. What does John Proctor do for a living?

3. What does Abigail call Elizabeth Proctor when discussing her reputation in Act 1?

4. How many of Mrs. Putnam's children have died?

5. What does Rebecca Nurse say say is afflicting Ruth and Betty?

Short Essay Questions

1. Rebecca Nurse makes a snide comment to Mrs. Putnam before she leaves Parris' home to go home. What is it and what is she implying?

2. Parris asks Hale to come to Salem to figure out why the Betty and Ruth are sick. Why does he call Hale and not another doctor?

3. Why was Abigail really fired from being a servant to the Proctors?

4. Why do John Proctor and Mr. Putnam not like one another?

5. Where is Betty's mother in Act 1?

6. Describe John Proctor.

7. Why might Mr. Putnam be suspicious of Sarah Good?

8. Why does Abigail threaten Betty and Tituba with death?

9. Is Parris really living in poverty?

10. Is Parris's main concern only for his daughter's health?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the most important lesson to be learned from this play? Use specific examples to support all claims.

Essay Topic 2

Mary had a chance to make things right in court, but she crumbles under pressure. Why did she have a hard time fainting for the judge? How might she rationalize her behavior? Or did she really think she was bewitched by Abigail? Or, was she just too scared to stand up for the truth?

Essay Topic 3

In America, we speak highly of a separation of church and state. Was this separation made in these trials? Is this lack of separation still a problem in this country? Choose specific examples to support all claims.

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