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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who attacks Mary during the Which trial in Act 2?
(a) Goody Osbourne.
(b) Abigail.
(c) Sarah Good.
(d) Rebecca Nurse.

2. John Proctor tears something to pieces in Act 2. What is it?
(a) The newspaper.
(b) The arrest warrant.
(c) The deed to Parris' house.
(d) A love note from Abigail.

3. Who physically attacks Abigail in court?
(a) Mercy Lewis.
(b) Elizabeth Proctor.
(c) Mary Warren.
(d) John Proctor.

4. How are the people in the trial "tested" for witchcraft?
(a) If they float in a lake, they are innocent.
(b) If they dance and the kettle is still they are innocent.
(c) If they dance and the kettle moves they are guilty.
(d) If the girls scream, they are jailed.

5. What does Cheever accuse John Proctor of doing on the Sabbath?
(a) Gambling.
(b) Drinking.
(c) Working.
(d) Dancing.

6. Early in Act 3, John Proctor hands Danforth something in court. What is it?
(a) A signed deposition.
(b) An arrest warrant.
(c) The deed to Parris' house.
(d) A kettle with a frog in it.

7. Mary is upset and crying at the end of Act 2. Why?
(a) John Proctor insists that she take the doll back.
(b) John Proctor insists that she appear in court.
(c) John Proctor insists that she cook for everyone in the house.
(d) John Proctor insists that she not go to court ever again.

8. In Act 4, Elizabeth tells John that a number of people have already confessed. How many?
(a) Seventy-five.
(b) One hundred.
(c) Twenty-five.
(d) Two hundred.

9. Why is Hathorne suspicious of Hale?
(a) He believes Hale contributed to the uprising in Andover.
(b) He thinks Hale is a crook.
(c) He thinks Hale is under the devil's spell.
(d) He believes Hale is trying to help Tituba escape.

10. Why does Giles lose his case accusing Mr. Putnam of making a land grab?
(a) He refuses to identify his witness.
(b) He has been bewitched.
(c) He doesn't have any evidence.
(d) His witnesses are too scared to testify.

11. In the end of Act 3, someone calls John Proctor "the devil's man" and betrays him. Who is it?
(a) Mercy Lewis.
(b) Tituba.
(c) Abigail.
(d) Mary Warren.

12. What does Tituba say she and her "roommate" are doing in the room in Act 4?
(a) Waiting for the devil to fly them to Barbados.
(b) Waiting for Hale to bless them.
(c) Waiting for a visit from Abigail.
(d) Waiting for the jailer to set them free.

13. Who is surprised that the people of Salem haven't overthrown the courts already?
(a) Danforth.
(b) Giles.
(c) Hale.
(d) Parris.

14. Which one of the girls caught in the forest admits they made it all up?
(a) Mary.
(b) Abigail.
(c) Tituba.
(d) Mercy.

15. How many character witnesses are on John Proctor's list?
(a) Eighty-one.
(b) Thirty-two.
(c) Ninety-one.
(d) Sixty-five.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Act 2, Elizabeth is upset with her husband. Why?

2. Why is Herrick acting strangely when he visits Tituba and Sarah Good?

3. Why won't Danforth pardon the accused?

4. Elizabeth asks that no one mention this word to her children. What is it?

5. Why didn't Elizabeth stop Mary from leaving the house?

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