Crow Lake Character Descriptions

Mary Lawson
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Katie Morrison

She is a twenty-seven-year-old invertebrate ecologist working in a university in Canada.

Matt Morrison

He is only seventeen when his parents are killed in a car accident and finds himself content in the idea that he and his siblings will be separated.

Luke Morrison

The day before his parents are killed in a car accident, he learns that he has been accepted into teacher's college.

Bo Morrison

She is only a baby when her parents are killed and she becomes attached to her brother, prompting his decision to take custody of his siblings.

Calvin Pye

He lived with his father's abuse for nearly twenty years, and when his own son begins to fight back, he reacts with more abuse, eventually killing his only son.

Laurie Pye

He is a quiet and almost shy young man who suddenly explodes on the schoolyard one day and beats the...

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