Crow Lake Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mary Lawson
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Part 1: Prologue and Chapters 1-2

• Katie Morrison speaks about her Grandmother Morrison, who had a book rest fixed to her spinning wheel so she could read as she worked.

• Grandmother Morrison recognized the importance of education and urged all of her children to finish school.

• Katie recalls the last dinner her entire family spent together on the night that her brother, Luke, announces that he has been accepted at teacher's college.
• Luke will be the first of the family to attend college and her parents are very happy, even though they are not outwardly emotional people.

• Mr. and Mrs. Morrison decide that Luke will need a suitcase and go into the city the following day.

• The Morrisons had left Luke, their other son, Matt, Katie and the youngest daughter, Bo, together to go swimming.

• The Morrison children return home to find the sheriff, the preacher, and the local...

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