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Raymond W. Thorp
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who once saved the son of the Shoshoni chief Wahni from a big wildcat?
(a) Old John Hatcher.
(b) Del Gue.
(c) John Johnston.
(d) Bigfoot Davis.

2. Which Sioux chief's spirit was broken after the battle at Wolf Mountain?
(a) Crazy Horse.
(b) Sitting Bull.
(c) Red Cloud.
(d) Geronimo.

3. Why did Johnston have to do what Wahni's son asked of him?
(a) He was Wahni's good friend.
(b) Many people would die if he did not do as the youth asked.
(c) Johnston's life was in danger otherwise.
(d) It was Johnston's duty as an honorary Shoshoni chief.

4. When The Wolf captured Johnston, what did he tell Johnston he intended to do with him?
(a) Make him an honorary chief of the Blackfoot tribe.
(b) Trade him to the Crows.
(c) Torture and then kill him.
(d) Give Johnston his choice of Blackfoot women to marry.

5. From what did Crazy Woman Morgan die?
(a) A Cheyenne arrow.
(b) Pneumonia.
(c) Cholera.
(d) Starvation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason did Johnston give for enlisting in the Army?

2. How many miles did Johnston plan to travel with his whiskey?

3. What Anglican nickname did Modeno give his Indian wife?

4. Who was Portuguese Phillips?

5. How did Johnston identify Bear Claw Chris Lapp's killers?

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