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Raymond W. Thorp
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was following Big Robert's warriors toward the Flathead camp in Chapter 7?
(a) The U.S. Army.
(b) The Utes.
(c) John Johnston.
(d) The Cheyenne.

2. Of what wood were the handles of Johnston's Colt Walker revolver and his Bowie knife made?
(a) Mahogany.
(b) Oak.
(c) Pine.
(d) Rosewood.

3. With which more experienced trapper did Johnston first become friends upon moving west?
(a) Anton Sepulveda.
(b) Hatchet Jack.
(c) Old John Hatcher.
(d) Del Gue.

4. What color horse did Joe Robidoux sell Johnston?
(a) Black.
(b) Roan.
(c) White.
(d) Gray.

5. What was the trapping like at the place where Joe Robidoux advised Johnston to trap?
(a) Mink trapping was plentiful but there were no other animals.
(b) The area was trapped out years before.
(c) Plenty of beaver and otter trapping was available.
(d) There was abundant trapping of all kinds of animals.

6. What did John Johnston do to the Crows as a result of what they had done to his wife?
(a) He preached to them, urging them to repent.
(b) He kidnapped their chief for vengeance.
(c) He had a party for them.
(d) He killed and scalped them and ate their livers raw.

7. Which of the following was not a gift Bear's Head bestowed on Johnston in Chapter 8?
(a) A new wife.
(b) A horse.
(c) A beaded Crow saddle.
(d) A white buffalo blanket.

8. What did Joe Robidoux do to rival trader Manuel Lisa to prevent Lisa from trading with the Pawnee?
(a) He had the Shoshoni kidnap Lisa.
(b) He had Lisa arrested on false charges of theft.
(c) He got Lisa so drunk that Lisa passed out.
(d) He locked Lisa in a cellar.

9. What color was John Johnston's hair?
(a) Gray.
(b) Blonde.
(c) Black.
(d) Red.

10. How much more did Joe Robidoux charge Johnston for his traps than Johnston would have paid in St. Louis?
(a) Twenty dollars more than the St. Louis price.
(b) Twice the St. Louis price.
(c) Five times the St. Louis price.
(d) Triple the St. Louis price.

11. What was the relationship between the Shoshonis and the Flatheads during Johnston's era?
(a) They were sent to the same reservation by the government.
(b) They were cousins.
(c) They were allies.
(d) They were enemies.

12. What did Johnston have to do to his own horse at the beginning of Chapter 8 because he had pushed it so hard?
(a) Leave it on the prairie to rest and eat.
(b) Sell it.
(c) Trade it to the Indians.
(d) Shoot it.

13. What did Joe Robidoux do to his own son to acquire property the young man had inherited?
(a) He tricked his son out of the land in a crooked poker game.
(b) He had his son declared mentally incompetent.
(c) He forged his son's name on a bill of sale for the property.
(d) He locked his son in a cellar.

14. What did Old John Hatcher make Johnston do to one of their attackers?
(a) Tie up the Indian.
(b) Rob the Indian.
(c) Scalp the Indian.
(d) Turn the Indian over to the sheriff.

15. What result did Johnston's fame have on Indians who ambushed him?
(a) They respected him.
(b) They greatly feared him.
(c) They doubted the truth of his reputation and wanted to test it.
(d) They mocked him.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year did Johnston first come to St. Joseph?

2. To which Indian tribe did the raiding party that attacked the Morgan family in 1846 belong?

3. What happened to John Morgan, the family's father, during the Indian attack on the family?

4. What was Johnston's attitude toward alcohol?

5. Who did Johnston find in his cabin when he returned to it at the end of Chapter 8?

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