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Raymond W. Thorp
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: A Man Among Men, Chapters 11 through 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To which Indian tribe did the raiding party that attacked the Morgan family in 1846 belong?
(a) The Blackfoot tribe.
(b) The Crow tribe.
(c) The Cheyenne tribe.
(d) The Ute tribe.

2. What happened to Mrs. Morgan as a result of the Indian attack on her family?
(a) She went back east to Boston where it was safer.
(b) She killed herself out of grief.
(c) She lost her mind.
(d) She went blind.

3. Who did Johnston find in his cabin when he returned to it at the end of Chapter 8?
(a) Bear's Head.
(b) The Fox.
(c) Del Gue.
(d) Anton Sepulveda.

4. What did John Johnston do to the Crows as a result of what they had done to his wife?
(a) He preached to them, urging them to repent.
(b) He kidnapped their chief for vengeance.
(c) He had a party for them.
(d) He killed and scalped them and ate their livers raw.

5. What was the Flathead greeting for a visiting relative?
(a) Hugging the visitor.
(b) Putting your right hand on the left side of the visitor's chest.
(c) Bowing on one knee and touching the ground with a spear.
(d) Rubbing their cheek with your cheek.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following were not Mountain Men friends of John Johnston?

2. What was the relationship between the Shoshonis and the Flatheads during Johnston's era?

3. What was Johnston's only food on the long trail from the Blackfoot camp back to his own camp?

4. What did Old John Hatcher do with his Bowie knife after killing one of his attackers in Chapter 2?

5. What did Johnston have to do to his own horse at the beginning of Chapter 8 because he had pushed it so hard?

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