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Short Answer Questions

1. What year is it in the story as Part2: Chapter 1 begins?

2. What job does Larry have?

3. What does Charity insist that she is doing?

4. What has Charity refused to do?

5. What new experience does Larry have in Vermont?

Short Essay Questions

1. What revelation does Sid share with Larry about his life?

2. How does the author use the Adam and Eve metaphor to advance the plot?

3. How has the necessity for rescue changed between the two couples?

4. What is the situation the characters find themselves in when the novel returns to the present day in 1972?

5. Explain the method that Sally has of categorizing her memories.

6. How do the Charity, Sid and Sally remain in character when facing Charity's imminent death?

7. What plans has Charity made for her family for after her death?

8. How does the author extend the Adam and Eve metaphor in this chapter?

9. How has Sid and Charity's home changed from the time the Langs first saw it in 1938?

10. How is Charity managing her illness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the state of Sid's barn wood shop and home office. How does the state of his rooms mirror the state of his spirit? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Sally is able to share some memories of Charity with Hallie before Charity dies. How can Sally know Charity better than Charity's own daughter? Why are these memories such a poignant gift for Hallie?

Essay Topic 3

The theme of rescue will be an important one in the novel. How does the author begin to build this theme? Give examples of rescues throughout the book.

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