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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the state of Charity's health?
(a) She is well
(b) She has cancer
(c) She has diabetes
(d) She is recovering from surgery

2. What does Charity hand out to the guests?
(a) Invitations
(b) Songbooks
(c) Coats
(d) Martinis

3. What do Larry and Sally do after the other guests have gone?
(a) Help clean up the party mess
(b) Take a walk with Sid and Charity
(c) Go out for a late dinner
(d) Walk home under the stars

4. Who is Sally?
(a) Larry's wife
(b) Sid's ex-wife
(c) Sid's wife
(d) Larry's sister

5. What has Charity's father been working on for the past ten years?
(a) Cabinets
(b) A book
(c) A mural
(d) A boat

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sally impress the guests?

2. When does Larry drive to Vermont?

3. In what way did Sid tell Charity he would like to see her?

4. Where did Charity go to get away from Sid?

5. What major event has just occurred as the chapter begins?

Short Essay Questions

1. In spite of their challenges, what is the state of Larry and Sally's marriage?

2. Why have Larry and Sally come to visit Sid and Charity?

3. Explain how one of the novel's themes of rescue is important in Part 1: Chapter 10.

4. In addition to the enthusiastic welcome, what else strikes Larry and Sally about Sid and Charity Lang?

5. Explain the different attitudes of Sid's and Larry's fathers regarding their sons' professions?

6. What do Larry and Sally learn about Charity as she talks?

7. Explain the flashback that the author uses in Part 1: Chapter 2.

8. Explain the level of apprehension that Larry and Sally feel before going to a party at Sid and Charity's house.

9. What good news does Larry receive at the beginning of Part 1: Chapter 8?

10. What housing do Larry and Sally find when they reach Wisconsin?

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