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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What major work does Larry begin?
(a) A novel
(b) A new house
(c) Addition to the house
(d) A mural

2. With whom does Sally share a cabin in Vermont?
(a) Charity's mother
(b) Sid's mother
(c) Charity
(d) Sid's sister

3. What good news comes for Sally and Larry?
(a) They have bought a new house
(b) They are having twins
(c) Larry's book is to be published in the fall
(d) Larry gets a big raise

4. What element of foreshadowing does the author provide in this chapter?
(a) Larry has a missed phone call
(b) Sally does not feel well during the party
(c) Sid breaks his shoelace
(d) Larry has a terrible migraine

5. Where is Larry staying for the summer?
(a) A seaside cottage
(b) The Langs' house
(c) A new apartment
(d) A cabin in the woods

6. How old is Larry?
(a) 34
(b) 24
(c) 44
(d) 64

7. Who is spending time with Sally when Larry comes home one afternoon?
(a) Ellery Queen
(b) William Ellery
(c) Sue MacKenzie
(d) Charity Lang

8. What is the state of Sally's health?
(a) She is disabled
(b) She is in perfect health
(c) She has epilepsy
(d) She has cancer

9. How is the lifestyle of the Langs described?
(a) Wealthy
(b) Poverty
(c) Comfortable
(d) Struggling

10. Why does Larry write so much during his first year of teaching?
(a) He keeps his teaching skills sharp
(b) He is anti social
(c) Fear of being laid off for lack of being published
(d) He likes to write as a hobby

11. How does Larry occupy his time in the summer?
(a) Writing a novel
(b) Studying French
(c) Reading history books
(d) Teaching French

12. Where does Sid drive Sally and Larry?
(a) The hospital
(b) A restaurant
(c) To church
(d) The bus station

13. How is Charity's mother characterized?
(a) As a shrinking violet
(b) As a commander
(c) Mentally unstable
(d) Emotionally unavailable

14. What type of study did Charity complete for Sid?
(a) A list of professors with their projected tenure dates
(b) Economics in post-Depression America
(c) The work of Robert Frost
(d) Art education in the inner cities

15. Why have Larry and Sally come to Massachusetts?
(a) Their friend, Charity, is ill
(b) They are touring college campuses
(c) They are on vacation
(d) They are thinking of relocating

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Larry and Sally go on Friday night?

2. What is the state of Sally's health?

3. What does Sid ask Larry?

4. Who buys one of Larry's short stories?

5. What concerns Sid about Charity?

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