Objects & Places from Crossing to Safety

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Folsom Hill

A place on the Vermont property owned by the Ellis family. They often have picnics here.

Madison, Wisconsin

This is the place where the Langs and Morgans meet for the first time.

Battell Pond

A pond on the Ellis' property. The main characters canoe and swim there in the summers.

Dartmouth College

Larry gets Sid a teaching position here after he loses his job at the University of Wisconsin.

New Mexico

Larry grows up here, and Sally and Larry return here after retirement.

Berkeley library

Sally and Larry meet here while in college.

Florence, Italy

During his year here, Larry realizes that he has attained everything he has wanted.

Sharpened pencils

Sid always has plenty of these but no work to show for them.


Sally must always use these after she gets polio. They represent her jail or limitations.

The Big House

This is where...

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