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American Colonization Society

This is a Baptist mission group dedicated to repatriating former American slaves to Liberia.


This is the capital of Liberia, which is a place of great squalor in the 1700s.

St. Paul River

This is a body of water that flows to the sea near Monrovia and is the gateway to the interior of Liberia.


This is a settlement that is the British outpost in Sierra Leone.


This is the ship that carries Edward Williams to Sierra Leone.

Denver, Colorado

This is the location where the escaped slave Martha is left to die, huddled in a shop doorway during a blizzard.

Dodge City

This is the place that Martha flees to when she escapes from a second slave auction after the farm fails.

Martha's Restaurant

This is a place on the ground floor of the shop that Chester won in a poker...

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