Crossing the River Character Descriptions

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The Voice of Africa

This is a very brief but highly lyrical narration from the shore of the River, which is actually the Atlantic Ocean.

Edward Williams

This character is a rich owner of a tobacco plantation who is involved with a repatriation program.

Nash Williams

This character is an adopted slave who repatriates to Liberia after receiving a Christian education.

Madison Williams

This character is an adopted slave who becomes successful despite being replaced in affection to his master by another adopted slave.

Amelia Williams

This character is the plantation owner's deceased wife.


This character is a former slave who runs errands for another former slave in Monrovia.

Sierra Leone's Unnamed British Surgeon

This character cares for the ill in Africa.

Martha Randolph

This character is a runaway slave who is separated from her family in a slave auction.

The Mystery Woman

This character has a...

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