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Short Answer Questions

1. Which Parham family members have already died by the time the family moves?

2. What does Billy trade for the dead wolf?

3. What is the dog a symbol of in the story?

4. Why do Billy and Boyd veer off the road?

5. Who do Billy and Boyd see walking on the road?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Mr. Parham's instructions for Billy when he heads out to check the wolf traps?

2. How much of Billy's decision not to return home is a conscious decision?

3. What do the men want from Billy and how does he respond to their demands?

4. Describe the process of preparing and setting the traps.

5. How does Billy reunite with Boyd and how do they escape?

6. Describe how Billy manages to subdue the wolf.

7. What does Billy find when he returns home?

8. What is the relationship between Billy and Boyd and what mention is made of any other family members at the beginning of the novel?

9. What happened to the family dog during the murderous attacks?

10. What role does the dog play in the story and what does it come to symbolize?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Mr. Sanders. What is his role in the story? What was the author trying to accomplish by creating Sanders' character in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Create a brief character study of Billy Parham. What does he look like? What are his positive personality traits? What are some of his negative characteristics? What are his hopes and fears? What motivates him at this point?

Essay Topic 3

The author uses some important instances of foreshadowing in the story. Explain what foreshadowing is and cite at least two examples making sure to explain what makes each an example of foreshadowing.

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