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Hidalgo County

This is where Billy Parham and his family live.

New Mexico

This is where Hidalgo County is located.

Foster Draw

This is where the wolf kills the first calf.

Colonia de Oaxaca

This is where Billy is crossing the river when he encounters the deputies that take the wolf from him.


This is the name of Billy's horse.

SK Bar Ranch

This is where Billy, his father, and Boyd go to borrow traps.

West of Black Point

This is where the wolf encounters the first of the traps set by Billy and his father.

Casas Grandes, Mexico

This is where Boyd and Billy find the man who sold one of their horses.

Douglas, Arizona

This is where Billy crosses into the United States after his first stay in Mexico and where he and Boyd cross back into Mexico together.

Columbus, New Mexico

This is where...

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