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Chapter One, Pages 1-51

• Billy Parham and his family move to Hidalgo County, New Mexico, when Billy's younger brother, Boyd, was just a baby; Billy is now 16 and Boyd is 14.

• One day Billy is pulling Boyd on a travois on a wood-gathering expedition when they encounter an Indian and promise to bring his some food after dinner; when they leave the Indian's campsite, Billy tells Boyd that they will not return.

• The next night, Mr. Parham tells the boys that a wolf has been sighted and has taken down a veal at a neighboring ranch.

• Billy, Boyd and their father go to the SK Bar Ranch where Mr. Sanderson lets them into Mr. Echols' cabin to borrow traps and lure.

• After the traps are washed and coated with beeswax, Billy and his father go in search of the wolf.
• The wolf had crossed from Mexico into the United...

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