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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following was NOT a bad omen Rawlings noticed on the day the convict escaped in Cross Creek?
(a) A blue-tailed lizard.
(b) A praying mantis.
(c) Long shadows.
(d) Lethargic dogs.

2. How did Rawlings feel when Kate's brother, an ex-servant, offered Rawlings his protection?
(a) She felt confused.
(b) She felt disappointed.
(c) She felt amused.
(d) She felt exhilarated.

3. What were Rawlings's mother and grandmother famous for?
(a) Their cooking.
(b) Their good looks.
(c) Their strictness.
(d) Their piousness.

4. After the stormy month, what crop was typically harvested?
(a) Cotton.
(b) Oranges.
(c) Sugar Cane.
(d) Sweet corn.

5. According to Rawlings, what color ant ate only dead tissue and had a deadly bite?
(a) Black ants.
(b) Red ants.
(c) Brown ants.
(d) White ants.

6. What does a chicken snake eat?
(a) Birds.
(b) Grain.
(c) Fruit.
(d) Eggs.

7. What did Rawlings hang in the orange groves to repel hawks?
(a) A gin bottle.
(b) A mirror.
(c) A dirty tennis shoe.
(d) A maypole.

8. Which of the following birds most excited Rawlings when it came to visit her farm?
(a) A blue jay.
(b) A woodpecker.
(c) A sparrow.
(d) A hummingbird.

9. What did Rawlings comment on when she held a snake for the first time?
(a) Its scent.
(b) Its beauty.
(c) Its texture
(d) Its strength.

10. Which of the following creatures did Rawlings fear above all others while she was living in Cross Creek?
(a) Bats.
(b) Snakes.
(c) Spiders.
(d) Worms.

11. What did Rawlings use to kill the baby cottonmouth she found in her house?
(a) A book.
(b) A shoe.
(c) A hammer.
(d) A gun.

12. What state did Dessie and Rawlings travel through on their river adventure?
(a) Florida.
(b) Georgia.
(c) Mississippi.
(d) Alabama.

13. What was the name of Rawlings's cow?
(a) Maude.
(b) Dora.
(c) Ethel.
(d) Gladys.

14. Which of the following dead animals was thought to induce rain in Cross Creek?
(a) Rabbit.
(b) Hawk.
(c) Turtle.
(d) Snake.

15. What part of Samson's body was permanently injured when he was shot by Henry?
(a) His eyes.
(b) His feet.
(c) His ears.
(d) His hands.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following types of bread was NOT typically served in Florida?

2. Which of the following servants did Rawlings believe would "have a finger in my pie from beyond the grave"?

3. Which of the following varmints was NOT one Rawlings regularly cooked and ate?

4. Which bird was considered illegal to cook and eat in Cross Creek?

5. Which of the following months was considered the stormiest in Cross Creek?

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