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Cross Creek - This was the location in Florida described as "a bend in the road" full of shabby homesteads, piney woods, palmettos, orange groves, creeks, orchards, and water.

Hammock - This was the rich loamy humus created by the varied vegetation in Florida which nourished the orange groves.

Prairy - This was the thick, wet, flat areas overgrown with water grasses.

Styx - This was the river that Rawlings first visited on her census travels with Zelma.

White Bacon - This was salt pork coated with cornmeal and deep-fried.

Magnolia Tree - This had waxy, shiny leaves, beautifully fragrant flowers, and was considered beautiful even when it was not in bloom.

Varmints - These were any one of the wild things in the woods either definitely predatory or of no domestic service.

Cornpone - This was a bread made with no eggs or milk and was...

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