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Lesson 1 (from Cross Creek and For This is an Enchanted Land)


Cross Creek and This is an Enchanted Land

CROSS CREEK - In this chapter, Rawlings describes the scenic land known as Cross Creek. The objective of this lesson is for students to explore the setting of Cross Creek and to discuss why Rawlings might have wanted to live in this one particular area.


1.) Class Activity: As a class, create a list of adjectives used to describe Cross Creek. Based on this description, does Cross Creek seem like a pleasant place to live?

2.) Class Activity: As a class, compare Rawlings's relationship with Cross Creek when she was a child to her relationship with Cross Creek as an adult.

3.) Class Debate: Do you think it was a smart idea for Rawlings to move back to Cross Creek as an adult? Divide the class into two groups for a cross classroom debate. After 15 minutes, add another complication: What...

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