Cross Creek Character Descriptions

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Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

This person was clearly better educated and wealthier than anyone else in Cross Creek and only came to live in the area after inheriting many acres of land from a family member's will.


This person was described as helpful, loyal, and wise and was the hub of the community as well as an avid peacemaker.

Mrs. Townsend

This person invited neighbors over to the house in order to get them to donate food to the enormous family that lived there. This person also refused treatment for children who suffered from hookworm.

Moe Sykes

This person was a carpenter who helped neighborhood friends build additions to their homes and was particularly well-skilled in building indoor bathrooms.


This person was an ageless spinster resembling an angry and efficient canary that cursed loudly.


This person was deeply poor, hated to work, and left home after...

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