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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Evelyn react to the shootings in the night?

2. Who announces to the group that a visitor has arrived?

3. Where does Emerson go the morning after the foiled attempt to find the identity of the mummy?

4. What is Amelia left to do while the others are chasing the mummy?

5. Why does Emerson say he referred to Amelia by calling her "Amelia" instead of Peabody?

Short Essay Questions

1. The argument between Lucas and Walter and the subsequent engagement of Walter and Evelyn gives resolution to one of the love interests in the book. The problem of the mummy remains. What is the author doing in this chapter to prepare the reader for the climax of the mystery?

2. The group decide to go along with Lucas' plan for catching the mummy the following evening. What is the plan, and why do the others go along with it? How does the plan backfire and cause more harm than good?

3. What does Lucas offer to Radcliffe as an apology for taking artifacts from the country? How does Emerson respond to the gift, and why?

4. Evelyn is concerned for the safety of the group and thinks the mummy will leave them alone if she agrees to marry Lucas and the two of them depart. How does Amelia react to Evelyn's plan? What does this tell us about the two women and how well they know each other?

5. What does Amelia reveal to Walter that causes him to run after Evelyn and declare his love? How does Radcliffe react to his younger brother's impulsiveness?

6. When Radcliffe arrives at the excavation site the morning after the failed capture of the mummy, what does he find? Who is with him? What do the two of them discuss? What changes are we seeing in these two strong-willed characters?

7. What plan does Radcliffe come up with for the mummy the next evening, and why? What does he hope to prove? How do Amelia and Lucas play into the plan? What change do we see coming over Radcliffe as he makes this plan?

8. When Radcliffe and Amelia are trapped with the ailing Michael by Lucas, what do the two realize about what has really been happening and Lucas' involvement in it all?

9. Why does Radcliffe want to speak with Amelia alone? Have his opinions of her changed in the last few days? How?

10. Where do Amelia and Radcliffe go the afternoon of Lucas' arrival? What happens to them while they are talking and exploring their surroundings? How does the situation resolve? How does this add to the suspense building in the story?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Radcliffe and Amelia first argue, it is over the treatment of Egyptian treasures and antiquities. What position does each take on the subject, and what is their reasoning? Who ends up changing their position, and why?

Essay Topic 2

When Walter tells Evelyn "you are the noblest girl I have ever met," what does he mean by this? Why does he think Evelyn noble?

Essay Topic 3

In a mystery novel, there must be motivation for the main character or characters to solve the mystery. What are some of the motives the four central characters reveal for wanting to solve the mystery? Are these believable motives? Why or why not?

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