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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amelia demand of one of the onlookers when she reaches the fallen woman on the street?

2. In what village do Amelia and Evelyn stop despite Hassan's reluctance?

3. What do Emerson and Abdullah agree on about the situation with the villagers?

4. What does a merchant thrust in Evelyn's face as the two women walk through town?

5. What does Walter say is his concern about the men working on the site?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Amelia and Evelyn discover when they arrive in Armana? How do the two women react? What do we learn about Walter in this scene?

2. In Chapter 2, the author introduces a group of male characters. Two of them are to travel with Amelia and Evelyn. Who are these men? What do we learn about them in this chapter? Does the reader know what role these characters play in the story?

3. Why do Radcliffe, Amelia, Evelyn and Walter visit the village of Haggi Qandil? Who do they want to speak to, and what do they hope to accomplish?

4. What plan does Amelia come up with to solve the problem and catch the walking mummy? What characters are involved in the plan? Who do they suspect to be the mummy who comes out at night?

5. What news do Walter and Abdullah bring home with them after the trap to catch the mummy fails? What conclusions can be drawn from their failed attempt to catch the mummy?

6. Where does Amelia Peabody first meet Evelyn Barton-Forbes, and under what circumstances? What does this meeting tell the reader about Amelia Peabody's character?

7. Evelyn is visited by two suitors while she is in Cairo. How does she know each of them? How do they represent the two parts of her life that she is struggling with in the story?

8. What important thing do Amelia and Walter discover when they go into the tomb? What do they find, and what do they notice is missing?

9. Why do Amelia and Evelyn decide to amend their plans and remain in Beni Hassan with the Emersons? Are both women happy with the decision? Why?

10. Why have the workmen left the dig site? What do we learn about the beliefs of the natives of the area?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Radcliffe Emerson often makes comments such as "women don't think. A little forethought would prevent most of the suffering they constantly complain about." Do you believe Radcliffe is a misogynist, or simply hides his feelings of admiration for Amelia behind such statements? Support your position.

Essay Topic 2

When Lucas proposes a toast to Walter and Evelyn, he says "To Evelyn's future! May it bring all that her closest kinsmen could desire!" On the surface, it is a pleasant toast. What is the real meaning of this toast?

Essay Topic 3

There is more than one climax in this novel. Define what a climax of a story is, and then identify the two points of climax in the story. How does each hold up to our definition of the purpose of the climax? Does the author satisfy the reader's hopes for the stories?

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