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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amelia see standing over her bed in the middle of the night?

2. Why do the two women hire Michael Bedawee?

3. What does Amelia learn from her father's friend at the Finance Ministry?

4. What does Amelia add to the tapioca and water to wash the pavement at the dig site?

5. What well-known Frenchman does Amelia want to meet while at the museum?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do both Amelia and Evelyn realize they have seen in the dark at night? What do they decide to do about the problem?

2. What happens to Evelyn during dinner the last night in Cairo? Who has come to visit her, and why? What do we learn about Evelyn?

3. Why do Radcliffe, Amelia, Evelyn and Walter visit the village of Haggi Qandil? Who do they want to speak to, and what do they hope to accomplish?

4. Amelia is awakened in the middle of the night. What wakes her, and how does she respond? What does she find in the morning that confuses her even more?

5. In Chapter 2, the author introduces a group of male characters. Two of them are to travel with Amelia and Evelyn. Who are these men? What do we learn about them in this chapter? Does the reader know what role these characters play in the story?

6. What important thing do Amelia and Walter discover when they go into the tomb? What do they find, and what do they notice is missing?

7. What does Lucas tell Evelyn that her grandfather had done with all of her possessions? How does she react to this story? How does Amelia react?

8. Why does Amelia suggest they stop in Armana? What does she hope will happen while they are in Armana? Is this in keeping with her personality?

9. What name is Amelia given by the villagers in Beni Hassan? Why has she earned this name? Is it a fitting name?

10. The novel takes place in the late 1800's, and at that time it was unusual for two women to travel abroad together without male companionship. What do we learn about these two women and their attitudes about the conventions of the times?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is more than one climax in this novel. Define what a climax of a story is, and then identify the two points of climax in the story. How does each hold up to our definition of the purpose of the climax? Does the author satisfy the reader's hopes for the stories?

Essay Topic 2

There are a variety of red herrings in the mystery. They include people, things, and information. Identify four red herrings and explain their purpose in the story. Were they successful in leading the reader away from the mainstream of the mystery?

Essay Topic 3

When Walter tells Evelyn "you are the noblest girl I have ever met," what does he mean by this? Why does he think Evelyn noble?

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