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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one alternative considered by Amelia as a solution to the problem?
(a) Let Lucas and Evelyn go to Cairo and get help.
(b) Take the boat herself and get help.
(c) Dress in costume as a mummy herself.
(d) Take Lucas' revolver for her own.

2. What does Lucas propose foiled the plan to catch Mohammed leave his house one night?
(a) Amelia was too noisy.
(b) Mohammed was not in town.
(c) Mohammed was warned in advance of their plan to catch him.
(d) Evelyn did not cooperate.

3. What does Amelia do when she sees Emerson's sadness over the destruction of his work?
(a) She holds his hand.
(b) She wraps an arm around his shoulders.
(c) She ignores his feelings.
(d) She kisses him on the cheek.

4. Who is shooting at Radcliffe?
(a) Walter.
(b) Lucas.
(c) The mummy.
(d) Mohammed.

5. What is the name of Lucas' boat?
(a) Elesmere.
(b) The Philea.
(c) The Cleopatra.
(d) Hayes II.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lucas offer to obtain for Evelyn?

2. What project does Emerson announce he would like to begin next?

3. What do both Amelia and Radcliffe recognize about Walter?

4. What does Amelia tell Radcliffe as they end their conversation about Walter and Evelyn?

5. What is read from the papyrus?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lucas offer to Radcliffe as an apology for taking artifacts from the country? How does Emerson respond to the gift, and why?

2. The argument between Lucas and Walter and the subsequent engagement of Walter and Evelyn gives resolution to one of the love interests in the book. The problem of the mummy remains. What is the author doing in this chapter to prepare the reader for the climax of the mystery?

3. Where do the two couples settle down to live their married lives? Do the four main characters all get what they want at the end of the novel? Why is this a satisfying end to the story?

4. Who appears unannounced and uninvited to see Amelia and Evelyn? How is he greeted by the two women and the Emersons? Is it clear whether he is one of the protagonists or an antagonist?

5. What are some examples of tension and suspense the author creates in this chapter? How does the author engage most of the main characters in the action of the chapter?

6. Where do Amelia and Radcliffe go the afternoon of Lucas' arrival? What happens to them while they are talking and exploring their surroundings? How does the situation resolve? How does this add to the suspense building in the story?

7. Why do Lucas and Walter end up in a fist fight in front of Evelyn? What about Lucas' behavior gives us another clue as to his character and motivations?

8. What does Lucas do when Michael attempts to speak to Amelia in private? Why has Lucas done this? Why does Amelia react the way she does?

9. Who comes into Amelia's bed chamber in the middle of the night, and what does the person want? Why are they both still awake? What is the real motive for the visitor's concern?

10. What is the purpose of Chapter 8 in the story? Why is the chapter important to the novel? What does the chapter add to the love triangle of Evelyn, Walter and Lucas?

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