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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is waiting to take care of Amelia and Radcliffe after his injury?
(a) Evelyn and Walter.
(b) Abdullah and Lucas.
(c) Lucas and Evelyn.
(d) Abdullah and Michael.

2. What is one alternative considered by Amelia as a solution to the problem?
(a) Dress in costume as a mummy herself.
(b) Let Lucas and Evelyn go to Cairo and get help.
(c) Take Lucas' revolver for her own.
(d) Take the boat herself and get help.

3. What does Amelia realize when she sees Lucas approaching the group?
(a) She wants Evelyn and Walter to be together.
(b) She wants Lucas to help find the mummy.
(c) She wants Evelyn to take half of Lucas' money.
(d) She wants to leave Amarna immediately.

4. What is read from the papyrus?
(a) A poem about Amon.
(b) A poem about pharaohs.
(c) A poem about lovers.
(d) A poem about the Nile.

5. Why does Lucas propose to capture Mohammed?
(a) To hold him hostage from the mayor.
(b) To force him to admit he is a fraud.
(c) To get him out of town.
(d) To bring the mummy out in the daylight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Radcliffe believe Amelia needs recuperative sleep after their meeting?

2. Who does Lucas ask to bring Evelyn and Walter out to join the group?

3. What does Lucas offer to obtain for Evelyn?

4. What is Amelia left to do while the others are chasing the mummy?

5. Who does Lucas shoot and wound?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Amelia wakes in the middle of the night, she finds Radcliffe in her room. Why is he there, and how does he protect Amelia? How does this scene compare to those in earlier chapters between the two characters?

2. Who appears unannounced and uninvited to see Amelia and Evelyn? How is he greeted by the two women and the Emersons? Is it clear whether he is one of the protagonists or an antagonist?

3. What does Lucas do to celebrate the engagement of Evelyn and Walter? What does he say about his broken heart? What wish does he have for the couple?

4. Why do Lucas and Walter end up in a fist fight in front of Evelyn? What about Lucas' behavior gives us another clue as to his character and motivations?

5. What plan does Radcliffe come up with for the mummy the next evening, and why? What does he hope to prove? How do Amelia and Lucas play into the plan? What change do we see coming over Radcliffe as he makes this plan?

6. What does Amelia reveal to Walter that causes him to run after Evelyn and declare his love? How does Radcliffe react to his younger brother's impulsiveness?

7. What does Lucas offer to Radcliffe as an apology for taking artifacts from the country? How does Emerson respond to the gift, and why?

8. What are some examples of tension and suspense the author creates in this chapter? How does the author engage most of the main characters in the action of the chapter?

9. What does Lucas do when Michael attempts to speak to Amelia in private? Why has Lucas done this? Why does Amelia react the way she does?

10. Why does Radcliffe want to speak with Amelia alone? Have his opinions of her changed in the last few days? How?

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