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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Amelia react when she sees the apparition?
(a) She screams out in terror.
(b) She attempts to grab it through the mosquito netting.
(c) She calls for Evelyn to come see it.
(d) She closes her eyes and pretends to sleep.

2. Which is the largest of the pyramids?
(a) The tomb of Sakkarah.
(b) The tomb of Khufu.
(c) The tomb of Gizzars.
(d) The tomb of Hassain.

3. Who tells Emerson and Walter that the men will no longer work for them?
(a) Amelia.
(b) Michael.
(c) Mohammed.
(d) Abdullah.

4. How do Alberto and Evelyn pay their way across Europe?
(a) They inherit from Evelyn's father.
(b) They work in hotels.
(c) They sell Evelyn's jewelry.
(d) They live on Alberto's fortune.

5. Who does Mohammed believe to be the mummy found in the tomb?
(a) A member of a royal family.
(b) A princely priest-magician servant of Amon.
(c) A servant of Pharaoh Khuenaten.
(d) A king murdered by his wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Emerson and Amelia go to visit in the village?

2. Who of the party decides to go to the tomb and examine it?

3. How does Emerson react when Amelia and Evelyn tell him of their nightly experiences?

4. What happens to Emerson in the early hours of the morning after Amelia has tended to him?

5. Who do Amelia and Evelyn meet while at the museum?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the morning after their dinner on the balcony, Walter arrives at their lodgings with news. What is he excited about? Why is the news important?

2. Why do Radcliffe, Amelia, Evelyn and Walter visit the village of Haggi Qandil? Who do they want to speak to, and what do they hope to accomplish?

3. What is the pavement of Khuenaten? What roles do Amelia and Evelyn play in preserving the pavement? What importance does this pavement have in the development of the story?

4. Evelyn is visited by two suitors while she is in Cairo. How does she know each of them? How do they represent the two parts of her life that she is struggling with in the story?

5. Amelia goes to bed after meeting Alberto and has a disturbing experience. What does she see and what happens? What qualities of Amelia's are reinforced in this event?

6. What do we learn about Evelyn Barton-Forbes as she tells the story of how she has come to her current situation? Is she a wealthy English woman like Ms. Peabody? What has brought Ms. Barton-Forbes to Rome?

7. What do the group discuss at dinner the first night Radcliffe is able to join them on the balcony for the meal? What is the mood during dinner?

8. While in Beni Hassan, what does Amelia come to understand about Radcliffe Emerson's tirade on the antiquities of Egypt? How does this affect her?

9. What news do Walter and Abdullah bring home with them after the trap to catch the mummy fails? What conclusions can be drawn from their failed attempt to catch the mummy?

10. In Chapter 2, Amelia arranges for transportation for herself and Evelyn through Egypt. What method of transportation does she choose, and why? How does she go about making the arrangements? How do the fellow guests at the hotel respond to her idea?

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