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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Emerson suggest as a reason for the mummy not being harmed by the bullets Lucas fired?
(a) He is wearing kevlar.
(b) He is superhuman.
(c) He is covering up his wounds.
(d) He is wearing protective padding.

2. After the mystery of the mummy is solved, what happens to Amelia?
(a) She leaves Walter, and Evelyn settles happily in Amarna.
(b) She returns home to write a book.
(c) She marries Radcliffe and they have a child.
(d) She returns to England with Radcliffe.

3. What do Emerson and Amelia deduce about Evelyn while stuck in their tomb?
(a) She must have been sick when she was in Rome.
(b) She must have been lying about Alberto.
(c) She must have inherited her grandfather's money.
(d) She must have been in love with Lucas when she was younger.

4. What plan do Radcliffe and Amelia make to escape from the tomb in which they are trapped by Lucas?
(a) Radcliffe will fire the pistol to cause an avalanche onto Lucas.
(b) Radcliffe will lower Amelia down to the path for her excape.
(c) Amelia will roll rocks down the hill and try to hit Lucas.
(d) Amelia will roll rocks down the hill while Radcliffe gets behind Lucas.

5. Who announces to the group that a visitor has arrived?
(a) Mohammed.
(b) Michael.
(c) Abdullah.
(d) Hassan.

6. What does Amelia consider an intolerable solution to the problem of the mummy?
(a) Traveling with Lucas on his boat.
(b) Allowing Evelyn to sleep alone in the boat.
(c) Leaving the Emersons and returning home.
(d) Procuring firearms for everyone.

7. What is Amelia left to do while the others are chasing the mummy?
(a) Find Hassain.
(b) Tend to Michael.
(c) Make a fire in the tomb.
(d) Fix dinner for the group.

8. What does Evelyn announce as they are having tea?
(a) She is leaving on the next train.
(b) She is in love with Radcliffe.
(c) She is marrying Lucas and leaving right away.
(d) She is marrying Walter.

9. What happens to Radcliffe and Amelia that injures Radcliffe?
(a) A bat in the tomb bites Radcliffe.
(b) Rocks fall and nearly kill them.
(c) Radcliffe trips and injures his leg.
(d) They fall off a small cliff.

10. Who do Emerson and Amelia find at the bottom of the path?
(a) A wounded Walter.
(b) A wounded Michael.
(c) A wounded Lucas.
(d) A wounded Abdullah.

11. What does Lucas criticize Evelyn for when they are sitting on the boat?
(a) Her coloring.
(b) Her hair.
(c) Her weight.
(d) Her clothing.

12. What project does Emerson announce he would like to begin next?
(a) To move on to Amadeus.
(b) To find an untouched mummy.
(c) To study the king's tomb.
(d) To dig out form the current site.

13. How does Radcliffe feel about Walter and Evelyn?
(a) He hopes they will both leave the site and not return.
(b) He thinks they are all wrong for each other.
(c) He wishes his brother would marry someone of means.
(d) He hopes they marry right away.

14. Why do Lucas and Walter get into a fight as they are walking with Evelyn?
(a) Walter has lost his mind and is delirius.
(b) Walter has wanted to punch Lucas for days.
(c) Lucas has insulted Walter.
(d) Lucas has insulted Evelyn's honor.

15. How does Emerson explain the fact that they are so groggy after drinking the wine?
(a) He explains it is too warm to sleep in the tomb.
(b) He explains there are noises that sound like the mummy.
(c) He explains they are too tired to sleep.
(d) He explains they have been drugged.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who slaps Amelia across the face?

2. Who finally subdues Lucas during the gunshots?

3. What does Amelia see as she stares into the dark night?

4. What did Evelyn's grandfather pack in her box of possessions that he sent out of the house?

5. Who does Emerson think engaged the mummy to frighten the Emersons away?

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