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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lucas suggest to Amelia as a means of helping them both fall asleep?
(a) Hot cocoa.
(b) Warm milk.
(c) A short moonlight stroll.
(d) Another glass of wine.

2. What does Lucas offer to obtain for Evelyn?
(a) The boxes of her belongings that her grandfather sent.
(b) The truth about her heritage.
(c) The money she has inherited.
(d) The possessions she left in Cairo.

3. How does Evelyn react to the shootings in the night?
(a) She hits the shooter.
(b) She screams and falls to the floor.
(c) She faints.
(d) She runs away.

4. Why has Radcliffe entered Amelia's room with a gun?
(a) To scare her.
(b) To scare the mummy from its hiding place.
(c) To murder her.
(d) To kill the cobra on her bed.

5. What does Amelia tell Radcliffe as they end their conversation about Walter and Evelyn?
(a) His tent is on fire.
(b) His hair is on fire.
(c) His pocket is on fire.
(d) His shoe is on fire.

6. Where does Radcliffe take Amelia after lunch?
(a) To the royal tomb.
(b) To the balcony for a drink.
(c) To the tomb with all of the archaeological tools.
(d) To the river.

7. Who is finally exposed as the mummy?
(a) Hassain, the boat captain.
(b) Alberto, Evelyn's former lover.
(c) The mayor, Mohammed's father.
(d) Mohammed, Lucas' employee.

8. Why does Emerson say he referred to Amelia by calling her "Amelia" instead of Peabody?
(a) "A foolish mistake."
(b) "A moment of aberration."
(c) "An honest mistake."
(d) "A slip of the tongue."

9. What does Amelia use to revive herself from her groggy state?
(a) A cigarette.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Chocolate.
(d) Smelling salts.

10. Who does Lucas shoot and wound?
(a) Radcliffe.
(b) Amelia.
(c) Evelyn.
(d) Walter.

11. What is the name of Lucas' boat?
(a) Hayes II.
(b) The Cleopatra.
(c) The Philea.
(d) Elesmere.

12. What does Amelia realize when she sees Lucas approaching the group?
(a) She wants to leave Amarna immediately.
(b) She wants Evelyn and Walter to be together.
(c) She wants Lucas to help find the mummy.
(d) She wants Evelyn to take half of Lucas' money.

13. What do Emerson and Amelia deduce about Evelyn while stuck in their tomb?
(a) She must have been lying about Alberto.
(b) She must have inherited her grandfather's money.
(c) She must have been in love with Lucas when she was younger.
(d) She must have been sick when she was in Rome.

14. What does Lucas have that interests the entire group?
(a) A papyrus.
(b) A motor for his boat.
(c) An amulet.
(d) A hieroglyphics.

15. With what has Radcliffe been hit while standing in the doorway?
(a) A bullet.
(b) A bolt of lightning.
(c) A bit of flying rock.
(d) A man's fist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives Radcliffe a papyrus?

2. Where does Emerson think Lucas has gone now that he has lost Evelyn to Walter?

3. When Amelia returns to the campsite, what does she learn that Radcliffe has found?

4. How does Radcliffe feel about Walter and Evelyn?

5. Why does Radcliffe believe Amelia needs recuperative sleep after their meeting?

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