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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Emerson and Abdullah agree on about the situation with the villagers?
(a) The mummy was burned in a fire the night before.
(b) The mummy has just been hidden by a villager to protect it.
(c) The mummy has been stolen and sold by one of the villagers.
(d) The mummy has been stolen by someone who wants to cause dissention.

2. Why does Abdullah think the men have stopped singing while they work?
(a) He believes they are exhausted and overworked.
(b) He believes they are unhappy over their wages.
(c) He believes they no longer want to work for the Englishmen.
(d) He believes they are frightened of the dead.

3. Why will the local workmen no longer work for the Emersons?
(a) The workers want more money.
(b) The workers are exhausted and need time to rest.
(c) The workers are tired of Amelia butting into things.
(d) The workers are frightened of the mummy.

4. What hills surround the pyramids near Cairo?
(a) The Mokkattam hills.
(b) The Dashoor hills.
(c) The Hussin hills.
(d) The Abusir hills.

5. Where does Amelia Peabody first see Evelyn Barton-Forbes?
(a) On a street in Cairo.
(b) On a street in Rome.
(c) On a street in Alexandria.
(d) On a street in London.

6. What does Lucas tell Evelyn about her grandfather's estate?
(a) She is entitled to half of it.
(b) She is not entitled to any inheritance.
(c) She is entitled to the house and its furnishings.
(d) She is entitled to the jewelry in the family.

7. Who are the waiters on Amelia and Evelyn's dahabeeyah?
(a) MIchael and Reis.
(b) Habib and Michael.
(c) Habib and Abdul.
(d) Assan and Habib.

8. What is a dahabeeyah?
(a) A steamship.
(b) A paddleboat.
(c) A luxury liner.
(d) An elaborate houseboat.

9. Who has followed Evelyn to Cairo and appears at her door her last night there?
(a) Walter.
(b) M. Maspero.
(c) Radcliffe.
(d) Alberto.

10. Where does Walter Emerson find Amelia and Evelyn?
(a) As they are walking to Qandia Luzat.
(b) As they are leaving Haggi Qandil.
(c) As they are dining in Beheva Maji.
(d) As they are riding their animals on their way to the tombs.

11. Where does Amelia visit again before leaving Cairo?
(a) Amarna.
(b) M. Maspero's museum.
(c) The Great Pyramid.
(d) The tomb in which the Emersons are working.

12. What does Emerson begin screaming about first thing in the morning?
(a) Someone has let the fire go out.
(b) Amelia has forbidden him to go to work.
(c) Walter has disappeared.
(d) Someone has stolen the mummy.

13. What does Emerson say about Evelyn's drawings of the pavement?
(a) "Not at all bad."
(b) "These will not help me at all!"
(c) "Are you an artist?"
(d) "Very nice work!"

14. What do the two women decide to do sometime during their trip?
(a) FInd Lucas Hayes.
(b) Find the Emersons.
(c) Find Khuenaten's tomb.
(d) Find M. Maspero's new museum.

15. How does Evelyn find herself alone on the streets of Rome?
(a) Alberto and Evelyn have been kicked out of their apartment.
(b) Alberto has taken her belongings and deserted her.
(c) Alberto has gone back to England for three months.
(d) Alberto and Evelyn have had a fist fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Amelia tell Michael they will stay to take care of Radcliffe?

2. Who wrote the book of hieroglyphics that Amelia has with her on the trip?

3. What two traits does Amelia credit Evelyn with after her meeting with Lucas?

4. Who does Amelia hire as a companion for her journey?

5. What does Emerson warn Amelia about working with her hands?

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