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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Radcliffe feel about Walter and Evelyn?
(a) He hopes they will both leave the site and not return.
(b) He wishes his brother would marry someone of means.
(c) He hopes they marry right away.
(d) He thinks they are all wrong for each other.

2. Who among the group is best able to read the papyrus?
(a) Lucas.
(b) Radcliffe.
(c) Walter.
(d) Michael.

3. With what has Radcliffe been hit while standing in the doorway?
(a) A bullet.
(b) A bolt of lightning.
(c) A man's fist.
(d) A bit of flying rock.

4. Why will the local workmen no longer work for the Emersons?
(a) The workers want more money.
(b) The workers are exhausted and need time to rest.
(c) The workers are tired of Amelia butting into things.
(d) The workers are frightened of the mummy.

5. What does Amelia tell Lucas will redeem him in the eyes of Radcliffe Emerson?
(a) To catch the wandering mummy.
(b) To leave the area immediately.
(c) To marry Evelyn so that Walter does not.
(d) Stop buying artifacts and return all he has to the British Museum.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is waiting to take care of Amelia and Radcliffe after his injury?

2. Who are the only two people who have not been harmed during the search for the mummy's identity?

3. What did Evelyn's grandfather pack in her box of possessions that he sent out of the house?

4. What is Amelia left to do while the others are chasing the mummy?

5. Why does Michael come in search of Amelia when she is shopping for medical supplies?

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