Crocodile on the Sandbank Fun Activities

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Sailing down the river

Create a model of the dahabeeya that includes details found in the story.

Map of Egypt

Using an older map of Egypt, find the places Amelia and Evelyn travel to in the country. How many of them actually exist?

The pavement

Based on Amelia's descriptions and what you can find about the pavement, draw and/or paint a pavement like the one Amelia works on.


Find a scene in which the mummy interacts with one of the characters and act out the scene. Create costumes, dialog, and even scenery.


Create a journal for Evelyn based on her experiences in Chapter Three. Include not only events, but also her reactions and feelings.

Travel Brochure

Design a travel brochure based on the places and things Amelia and Evelyn experience in Egypt. Include details such as boat rental and furnishings, stops along the way, local...

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