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Essay Topic 1

Amelia explains to the reader that Evelyn is "too kind, and too truthful." She also states "both, I have found, are inconvenient character traits." Is Evelyn indeed too kind and too truthful? Why does Amelia believe these traits to be inconvenient? What is an example of this quality in Evelyn?

Essay Topic 2

Women in the 1880's were not given much opportunity to demonstrate their independence and natural abilities other than as wife and mother. Why does Amelia have the opportunity to travel the world and live independently? What has she done with her freedom and intelligence?

Essay Topic 3

Evelyn interacts with three men before leaving Cairo. Who are these three men? Compare and contrast the three of them and provide as much detail as possible about each.

Essay Topic 4

The title Crocodile in the Sandbank is explained in the book. What does the title mean, and...

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