Crocodile on the Sandbank Character Descriptions

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Amelia Peabody

This is the character who decides to travel to Egypt, meets new people, and encounters dangers and big adventure.

Evelyn Barton-Forbes

This character joins a new-found friend and travels to Egypt where mystery and true life prevail.

Radcliffe Emerson

This character is the head of an excavating group working in Egypt who is dedicated to the preservation of Egyptian artifacts.

Walter Emerson

This character is an expert at hieroglyphics and becomes involved with love and mystery on an archeological dig.

Lord Lucas Ellesmere

This character is determined to obtain a large inheritance and marry a cousin, and goes to great lengths to do both.

Signor Alberto

This character is one of two antagonists plotting to get a great deal of money from an acquaintance's inheritance.

James Peabody

This character is upset that a sibling has received the whole of an inheritance and threatens to sue.

Mr. Fletcher

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