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Chapter 1

• Amelia Peabody is in Rome in the late 1800's.

• Ms. Peabody is an unmarried woman in her early thirties.

• She has spent a great deal of her life with her father, with whom she shares intellectual pursuits.

• Ms. Peabody is a fiercely independent and intelligent woman who goes against the conventions of her time.

• When her father dies, Ms. Peabody becomes a very wealthy woman and wants to travel.
• When she stops in Rome on her way to Egypt, she meets Evelyn Barton-Forbes, who is destitute, in Rome.

• After hearing Ms. Barton-Forbes' story of betrayal and abandonment by her lover, Ms. Peabody suggests that she accompany her to Egypt.

• The two women shop for the journey, and Ms. Barton-Forbes convinces Ms. Peabody to spend money of some new clothing for herself.

• Ms. Peabody checks out the story that Ms. Barton-Forbes has told her, and finds it all...

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