Objects & Places from Criss Cross

Lynne Rae Perkins
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This is the small town in which the tale takes place.


This is an epiphany or sudden understanding.

Criss Cross

A nightly radio program of music and conversation.

Coffee House

Individuals gather for simple entertainment, usually music and/or poetry here.


A green depressed area that has green space, to which Hector should like to take Meadow.

Tastee Freez

This is an ice cream shop and a gathering place for teens during the summer.

New Bridge

This is a small town a short distance from Seldem, to which Debbie and Peter take a bus ride and explore.

Seldem Days

This is an annual town celebration, featuring food, games and fireworks.


This is a dress-like covering used primarily by Hawaiian musician.,


A game played by girl teens in which letters of names of boys and girls are transposed in order to see if marriage...

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