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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Bear and Crispin given a place to sleep at the inn?
(a) On the second floor.
(b) In the attic.
(c) On the fourth floor.
(d) In the cellar.

2. What happens after curfew?
(a) A man comes to help Crispin.
(b) Lady Furnival comes to talk to Crispin.
(c) A man comes to arrest Crispin.
(d) A woman comes to help Crispin.

3. What does Crispin tell the rebels?
(a) That soldiers are outside.
(b) That he is going to turn himself in.
(c) That he is leaving the city.
(d) That he is making a claim as Lord Furnival's heir.

4. Where does Crispin see John Aycliffe?
(a) At the front of his inn.
(b) At Lord Furnival's home.
(c) In the marketplace.
(d) In the cathedral.

5. Why does Crispin follow the soldiers?
(a) To see if he can get out of the gate with the soldiers.
(b) To learn where they are taking Bear.
(c) To harass them as they are taking John Ball to prison.
(d) To turn himself in.

6. Where does one man agree to take Crispin?
(a) To the town square.
(b) To Lady Furvinal's garden.
(c) To the dungeons of the castle.
(d) To the small east gate door.

7. Upon whom does Crispin eavesdrop?
(a) Bear and Widow Daventry.
(b) Bear and John Ball.
(c) John Ball and John Aycliffe.
(d) John Ball and Widow Daventry.

8. What does the cross that Crispin has reveal?
(a) That Crispin is Lord Furnival's son.
(b) Nothing that anyone knows since it is written in Latin.
(c) That Crispin's mother was married to Lord Furnival.
(d) That Lord Furnival was illegitimate.

9. What does Bear continue doing as the two travel?
(a) Backtracking their trail.
(b) Teach Crispin to read and write.
(c) Teach Crispin to be a performer.
(d) Leaving misleading clues as to where they are going.

10. How does Crispin react to Bear's offer?
(a) Bear makes no offers.
(b) He is overjoyed.
(c) He is resentful.
(d) He does not want to meet his father.

11. What shocks Crispin when he comes down for breakfast?
(a) Seeing the one-eyed man.
(b) Seeing his mother.
(c) Seeing the bruises on the Widow's face.
(d) Nothing.

12. To what does Crispin swear?
(a) Nothing.
(b) To give Aycliffe the cross and not claim his heritage.
(c) To give Aycliffe an estate.
(d) To give Aycliffe control over the Furnival's money.

13. Where is Bear as Crispin is following the soldiers?
(a) With John Ball and the other rebels.
(b) Running in the opposite direction as the soldiers.
(c) With the soldiers.
(d) Crispin does not know where Bear is.

14. Where does Crispin put the lead cross?
(a) On the body of Aycliffe.
(b) In the river.
(c) Around his neck.
(d) On the city wall.

15. What do apprentices want, according to the two persons Crispin hears talking?
(a) More choices as to what they do.
(b) Less years to obtain master status.
(c) Better wages and less taxes.
(d) Better working conditions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when the two reach the entrance to Wexly?

2. What is John Ball's response to Crispin's request.

3. Where does Crispin hide when he hears soldiers?

4. How does Crispin feel about Bear's orders?

5. Who is the rich lady on a horse?

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