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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Crispin concerned about their departure?
(a) That the elderly woman seemed suspicious.
(b) That the one-eye man seemed set to travel.
(c) That Bear revealed where they are traveling.
(d) That the priest seemed suspicious.

2. What does Crispin think the courier brought news of to John Ayclliffe?
(a) Bear's death.
(b) Lord Furnival's death.
(c) Lady Furnival's miscarriage.
(d) Crispin's claim to Lord Furnival's estate.

3. Who is the rich lady on a horse?
(a) Crispin's aunt.
(b) Lady Furnival.
(c) Lady Furnival's daughter.
(d) Crispin's grandmother.

4. What does John Aycliffe say Crispin is?
(a) A liar.
(b) A wolf's head.
(c) A bastard serf.
(d) A dead man.

5. What does Bear tell Crispin in response to Crispin's concerns?
(a) That they would travel somewhere else if need be.
(b) That they would lay an ambush for the one-eyed man.
(c) Not to worry.
(d) That Crispin's real father would save them.

6. What does Crispin decide to do after Bear leaves?
(a) Explore the city on his own.
(b) Go to Lord Furnival's home.
(c) Sleep.
(d) Go see the priest.

7. How does Crispin react to Bear's offer?
(a) He is overjoyed.
(b) He is resentful.
(c) Bear makes no offers.
(d) He does not want to meet his father.

8. What does the Widow Deventry have Crispin do?
(a) Go back up to his room.
(b) Work in the kitchen.
(c) Run to the marketplace.
(d) Groom some of the horses.

9. What does Crispin see as he opens the window in his room?
(a) A vulture flying across the light of the moon.
(b) John Ball leaving the inn.
(c) John Aycliffe leaving the inn.
(d) A figure watching from the street.

10. Why does Crispin decide he must rescue Bear?
(a) Bear might get Crispin in more trouble.
(b) Bear is like a father to Crispin.
(c) Bear has information Crispin needs about Crispin's father.
(d) Crispin decides he cannot rescue Bear.

11. To what does Crispin swear?
(a) To give Aycliffe control over the Furnival's money.
(b) Nothing.
(c) To give Aycliffe the cross and not claim his heritage.
(d) To give Aycliffe an estate.

12. What happens after curfew?
(a) Lady Furnival comes to talk to Crispin.
(b) A man comes to help Crispin.
(c) A woman comes to help Crispin.
(d) A man comes to arrest Crispin.

13. Why can't Crispin leave the city?
(a) He can't find the main gate.
(b) The gates have closed for the night.
(c) He has no money to pay the toll.
(d) He is being looked for by the guards.

14. What does Crispin hear that scares him when he listens in on a meeting?
(a) Nothing in particular.
(b) Talk about Crispin murdering a priest.
(c) Talk about rebellion and freedom.
(d) Talk about Lord Furnival's heir.

15. What does Crispin miss hearing as he eavesdrops?
(a) Something about Lord Furnival's heir.
(b) A man sneaking up on him from behind.
(c) The sound of someone hurting Widow Deventry.
(d) The sound of Bear yelling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do apprentices want, according to the two persons Crispin hears talking?

2. What does Crispin tell the rebels?

3. What does Crispin show Aycliffe?

4. Who has recently died?

5. What does Crispin reveal to John Aycliffe?

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