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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a wolf's head?
(a) A type of beer.
(b) A person who anyone can kill like an animal.
(c) The mark on the coins.
(d) A tavern in Crispin's village.

2. What does the man tell Crispin the punishment for theft is?
(a) Prison for a year.
(b) Cutting off a hand.
(c) A public flogging.
(d) Hanging.

3. From where is the noise Crispin hear coming?
(a) The church.
(b) The town hall.
(c) The south road.
(d) The forest.

4. Where does Crispin head after he crosses the stream?
(a) East to Perkville.
(b) Across the moors.
(c) Up into the mountains.
(d) South through the village.

5. What is distinguishing about the person Crispin sees?
(a) He is carrying a poleaxe.
(b) They have no clothes on.
(c) The woman is shaking the child and crying.
(d) He has a bushy red beard.

6. What does Crispin see as he is about to give up?
(a) A man swinging from a gallows.
(b) A bird trying to leave the nest.
(c) A dead fox in a ditch.
(d) A spider spinning a web four times.

7. Why is the man going to his next destination?
(a) To meet with another man.
(b) To see his girlfriend.
(c) To earn some money.
(d) To enlist in the army.

8. Where does the boy run when he is upset about Aycliffe's demand?
(a) Into the forest.
(b) Into the meadow.
(c) Down the road.
(d) Down to the sea.

9. Of what does Bear say he is part?
(a) A secret brotherhood.
(b) A group of performers.
(c) A large family.
(d) A group of non Christians.

10. What does the boy do the day after his mother dies?
(a) Cries himself to sleep.
(b) Heads to a larger city.
(c) Stays with his friend Jamie's family.
(d) Hides out.

11. What does Bear say killing animals is?
(a) Necessary.
(b) A natural act.
(c) Poaching.
(d) Something he detests.

12. Why is Father Quinel lying in the road?
(a) He is hiding waiting for Crispin.
(b) He has lost his cross and is looking for it.
(c) He has been murdered.
(d) He tripped and fell.

13. What does Quinel tell Crispin he should do?
(a) Go find his father.
(b) Join the church to become a priest.
(c) Run away to the city.
(d) Hide in the woods for a week.

14. What does Crispin think is his fault?
(a) Quinel's situation.
(b) Aycliffe coming for him.
(c) His mother dying.
(d) Jamie being beat.

15. What does Bear begin to teach Crispin?
(a) How to shoe a horse.
(b) To juggle and sing.
(c) How to read and write.
(d) How to use a sword.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man the boy does not know do when he sees the boy?

2. What does Bear want Crispin to do the next morning?

3. How does Bear know Lord Furnival?

4. What does Bear begin teaching Crispin the second morning they are together?

5. What does Bear do when they stop for the night?

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