Objects & Places from Crispin: The Cross of Lead

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The Lead Cross

This is made of lead and is worn around his neck.


This is Crispin's village, where he was born and grew up.

Great Wexly

This is a city near Stromford. It is where Bear is heading to in order to attend an important meeting.


This is a small village that Bear and Crispin pass through on their way to Great Wexly.

The Peasants of England

They work the land in order to make food, but have to give most of what they produce to their lord.

The Revolution

This is a means by which some people are plotting against their king and their lords, which is treason.

The Church (Catholicism in the Middle Ages)

This was the main religion of Europe at the time.

The Green Man Tavern

Crispin and Bear stay here while in Great Wexly.

The Cathedral

This is in the...

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