Crispin: The Cross of Lead Character Descriptions

Avi (author)
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Asta's Son/Crispin

He is a thirteen-year-old boy from the village of Stromford.

Bear/Orson Hrothgar

He is a wandering juggler who performs in villages and towns he passes to earn money.

John Aycliffe

He is the steward of Stromford.

Lord Furnival

He owns Stromford, Lodgecot and other villages, and all the land around.

Lady Furnival

She is only seen once in the story, when she rides through the streets of Great Wexly on her fine horse with rich clothes and decorations.

Widow Daventry

She is the owner of the Green Man tavern in Great Wexly, where Crispin and Bear stay.

John Ball

He is one of the rebels who wants to change the country and bring about revolution.

Father Quinel

He is the priest of Stromford.

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