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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lenny learns her secret has been betrayed she tells Babe:
(a) She never wants to see Babe again.
(b) She has always known Babe loves Meg more that herself.
(c) She thinks Babe should go to jail for shooting Zackery.
(d) She will never trust Babe again.

2. Though Babe wants to burn the photos of herself and Willy Jay, Barnette tells her:
(a) She has to turn herself in to the authorities.
(b) It will not do any good because Zackery has the negative.
(c) It will not do any good because the photos have already gone to the press.
(d) Zackery has already seen the photos.

3. Where do Meg and Doc go together?
(a) They go back to Biloxi.
(b) They go to his house to meet his wife, Joan.
(c) They go for a ride to look at the moon.
(d) They go to the hospital to see Old Granddaddy.

4. Babe surprises Barnette by:
(a) Remembering the first time they met at a Christmas Bazarre.
(b) Remembering all the details of the shooting.
(c) Confessing she does not love Zackery.
(d) Confessing the affair with Willy Jay.

5. Meg's comment, "forget the glasses," at the end of her scene with Doc implies:
(a) Meg wants to vex Old Granddaddy by running away.
(b) They don't want to drink and drive.
(c) They have had enough of being proper and want to rebel.
(d) Meg is trying to forget her problems by drinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. Meg claims she and Babe were talking about Lenny's relationship with Charlie because:

2. Though Meg did not lie to Old Granddaddy out of cruelty:

3. Babe's hysteria does not allow her to register:

4. While Becky explains the details of the shooting, it is clear that Barnette:

5. When Barnette leaves, it becomes apparent that:

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