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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Chick arrives with Babe, she is upset because:
(a) Meg has shown up uninvited.
(b) Babe has shot Zackery.
(c) Meg has asked her to leave.
(d) Babe has refused to talk to her lawyer.

2. Meg claims she has not read Lenny's letters because:
(a) She has moved so many times she no longer receives them.
(b) She is no longer interested in the family.
(c) She gets pains in her chest when she thinks of family.
(d) She needs time to pursue her career.

3. Babe explodes at Chick, which indicates:
(a) She is in an emotionally vulnerable state.
(b) She is in desperate need of confiding in someone.
(c) She is angry that her sisters have ganged up on her.
(d) She should not have been released from prison.

4. Chick is upset at Lenny because:
(a) Lenny believes Babe is innocent.
(b) Lenny has called Meg home on Babe's behalf.
(c) Lenniy has invited Doc over.
(d) Lenny has not visited Granddaddy in the hospital.

5. During the argument Lenny reveals:
(a) It is her birthday.
(b) Granddaddy is angry with Meg.
(c) Chick does not want Meg around.
(d) Doc had visited earlier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Doc has come by to tell Lenny:

2. The nylon wrapper and hair ball Chick leaves on the floor suggests:

3. Billy Boy's death might signal:

4. Meg protests to the idea of Doc's wife because:

5. Lenny has agreed to hire Barnette Lloyd:

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Babe's affair with Willy Jay suggest about her?

2. Why are Lenny and Babe laughing about Old Granddaddy's stroke?

3. What does Barnette's reaction to Babe's story reveal about his character?

4. Describe Old Granddaddy's relationship with his granddaughters.

5. Chick is presented as "too big" for her pantyhose, and her hairstyle threatens to become too big also. What does this bigness suggest about her character?

6. How will Old Granddaddy's death affect the girls' lives?

7. Who is Billy Boy and what does he represent?

8. What do Lennie's actions imply about her?

9. Why do Meg, Lenny, and Babe seem to fall into old patterns of behavior around one another?

10. What does Doc appear to want from his meeting with Meg?

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