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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the sisters discover it is Lenny's birthday they decide to:
(a) Sing Happy Birthday with a candle on a cookie.
(b) Order her a birthday cake from the bakery.
(c) Buy her a box of candy.
(d) Contact Charlie Hill for her.

2. When Meg objects to Barnette, Lenny claims:
(a) No one could defeat Zackery in court.
(b) Meg should have found a better lawyer.
(c) Too much responsibilty has fallen on her.
(d) Barnette is the best lawyer in town.

3. Meg explains their mother's suicide by telling Babe:
(a) Their mother was temporarily insane.
(b) They are all better off now.
(c) Their father was responsible for her death.
(d) Their mother had a real bad day.

4. When Chick arrives with Babe, she is upset because:
(a) Meg has asked her to leave.
(b) Babe has refused to talk to her lawyer.
(c) Meg has shown up uninvited.
(d) Babe has shot Zackery.

5. Chick is upset at Lenny because:
(a) Lenny believes Babe is innocent.
(b) Lenny has not visited Granddaddy in the hospital.
(c) Lenny has called Meg home on Babe's behalf.
(d) Lenniy has invited Doc over.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chick's continual focus on the shame their mother's suicide brought on the family suggests:

2. Meg takes a coke from the fridge to calm Lennie, but first she drinks from it herself, indicating:

3. Babe does not want to expose Willy Jay because:

4. When Barnette Lloyd arrives, Babe:

5. Babe claims she shot Zackery in the stomach because:

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Babe's attitude about jail reveal about her?

2. What does Babe's affair with Willy Jay suggest about her?

3. What is Meg's attitude toward her family?

4. What is Meg's first reaction when she sees Lennie?

5. Lenny, Meg, and Babe continually revisit stories from their past. What does this suggest about them?

6. Why does Lenny continually bring up the past?

7. Why is Barnette willing to give up his vendetta?

8. What is significant about the last image on stage before the lights go down?

9. Chick's return visit forces what to happen?

10. What event finally pushes Babe over the brink?

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