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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the movie Meg tells Old Granddaddy she will star in?
(a) Singing at Greeny's.
(b) Singing in Biloxi.
(c) Singing in a Shoe Factory.
(d) Singing in the Rain.

2. What secret has Babe revealed to Meg about Lenny?
(a) Lenny has been covering up for Old Granddaddy's illness.
(b) Lenny had been dating a man named Charlie from Memphis.
(c) Lenny has just turned thirty.
(d) Lenny has not dated anyone since high school.

3. How did Old Granddaddy try to make the girls feel better on the morning of their mother's funeral?
(a) He bought them banana splits for breakfast.
(b) He took them out to see a movie.
(c) He took them into his home.
(d) He bought them matching suits.

4. When Lenny learns her secret has been betrayed she tells Babe:
(a) She has always known Babe loves Meg more that herself.
(b) She will never trust Babe again.
(c) She never wants to see Babe again.
(d) She thinks Babe should go to jail for shooting Zackery.

5. Meg has taken little bites out of all of Lenny's candy because:
(a) She cannot make up her mind about which ones she wants.
(b) She wants just a little taste of each one.
(c) She is on a diet.
(d) She wants to find the ones with nuts in them.

6. When Meg asks why she can not seem to keep her mouth shut, Doc answers:
(a) Maybe it is because she does not want to.
(b) Maybe it is because she is wants to show Lenny who is tougher.
(c) Maybe it is because she never learned to.
(d) Maybe it is because she enjoys hurting others.

7. Before she called the police after shooting Zackery, Babe:
(a) Called Old Granddaddy.
(b) Called Lenny.
(c) Made oatmeal.
(d) Made lemonade.

8. Babe is upset when:
(a) Meg makes Lenny cry.
(b) Meg makes her cry.
(c) Lenny refuses to speak to her.
(d) Lenny refuses to speak to Meg.

9. Lenny learns that Meg has:
(a) Gotten drunk after their visit to the hospital.
(b) Lied about being on Johnny Carson's show.
(c) Gone back to California.
(d) Eaten her birthday candy.

10. Lenny returns upset with Meg because:
(a) Meg has gone to the store to buy liquor.
(b) Meg has lied to Old Granddaddy about her success.
(c) Meg has refused to return home with her.
(d) Meg has run off with Doc.

11. What book did Meg punish herself by looking at?
(a) The Bible.
(b) Diseases of the Skin.
(c) Diseases of the Brain.
(d) Grey's Anatomy.

12. Babe surprises Barnette by:
(a) Confessing she does not love Zackery.
(b) Remembering the first time they met at a Christmas Bazarre.
(c) Remembering all the details of the shooting.
(d) Confessing the affair with Willy Jay.

13. Though Babe wants to burn the photos of herself and Willy Jay, Barnette tells her:
(a) Zackery has already seen the photos.
(b) She has to turn herself in to the authorities.
(c) It will not do any good because the photos have already gone to the press.
(d) It will not do any good because Zackery has the negative.

14. Lenny believes Doc stated in Biloxi during the hurricane because:
(a) He was hurt and could not move.
(b) He loved Meg.
(c) He wanted to defy Old Granddaddy.
(d) He couldn not make up his own mind.

15. What seems to be Lenny's "comfort" food?
(a) Candy.
(b) Lemonade.
(c) Popcorn.
(d) Coffee.

Short Answer Questions

1. While she tells her story, the comfort food Babe indulges in is:

2. Why does Meg tell Doc she went to the Psychiatric ward in L.A.?

3. Where do Meg and Doc go together?

4. Why does Doc come over during the card game?

5. While she tells her story, Babe finally seems to realize:

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