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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lenny reveals that she did not tell Charlie about her ovary because:
(a) She did not want him to anger Old Granddaddy.
(b) She did not want him to know anything personal about her.
(c) She did not want him not to want her.
(d) She did not want him to pity her.

2. While she tells her story, Babe finally seems to realize:
(a) That she is getting Willy Jay in trouble.
(b) The gravity of her actions.
(c) The consequences of leaving Zackery alive.
(d) That she does not love Zackery.

3. Meg's motivation for lying to Old Granddaddy appears to be:
(a) That she wants him to be happy in his last days.
(b) That she wants to deceive him so he won't harass her.
(c) That she wants him to gain strength from her stories.
(d) That she wants him to come home again.

4. Who calls while the girls are setting up the card game?
(a) Chick.
(b) The hospital.
(c) Doc.
(d) Barnette.

5. Babe is upset when:
(a) Lenny refuses to speak to Meg.
(b) Meg makes her cry.
(c) Lenny refuses to speak to her.
(d) Meg makes Lenny cry.

6. Meg's comment, "sometimes I wonder what we wanted," implies:
(a) Old Granddaddy tried to prevent the girls from rebelling.
(b) The girls were not allowed to make any decisions for themselves.
(c) The girls were discouraged from choosing happy situations.
(d) Old Granddaddy did not consider the girls' wishes when he made decisions for them.

7. Meg's desire to remain while the hurricane hit Biloxi suggests:
(a) She thought she was invincible.
(b) She had a need for chaos in her life.
(c) She wanted to know that Doc was not a weak man.
(d) She just wanted to die.

8. Why does Babe say things have been hard for Meg?
(a) Meg was the one who found their mother dead.
(b) Meg was the one who had to tell Old Granddaddy.
(c) Meg was the one who got caught in the hurricane.
(d) Meg was the one who found their father dead.

9. Though Meg did not lie to Old Granddaddy out of cruelty:
(a) She has not tried to cover up the truth about her career.
(b) She has not tried to succeed in Hollywood.
(c) She has not considered Lenny's feelings about her career.
(d) She has not considered the long-term effects of her lies.

10. Meg's comment, "forget the glasses," at the end of her scene with Doc implies:
(a) They have had enough of being proper and want to rebel.
(b) Meg is trying to forget her problems by drinking.
(c) They don't want to drink and drive.
(d) Meg wants to vex Old Granddaddy by running away.

11. Lenny learns that Meg has:
(a) Gotten drunk after their visit to the hospital.
(b) Lied about being on Johnny Carson's show.
(c) Gone back to California.
(d) Eaten her birthday candy.

12. How old was Lenny when their mother died?
(a) Twenty-one.
(b) Five.
(c) Ten.
(d) Fourteen.

13. Lenny believes Doc stated in Biloxi during the hurricane because:
(a) He was hurt and could not move.
(b) He loved Meg.
(c) He couldn not make up his own mind.
(d) He wanted to defy Old Granddaddy.

14. What do the girls decide to do just like old times?
(a) They decide to play hearts and eat popcorn.
(b) They decide to look through photo albums.
(c) They decide to go out riding with Doc.
(d) They decide to go see Meg singing at Greeny's.

15. Lenny returns upset with Meg because:
(a) Meg has refused to return home with her.
(b) Meg has gone to the store to buy liquor.
(c) Meg has lied to Old Granddaddy about her success.
(d) Meg has run off with Doc.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rather than sympathizing with Meg's need to "toughen up" after their mother's suicide, Lenny believes:

2. Before she called the police after shooting Zackery, Babe:

3. What does Lenny fear will prevent men from loving her?

4. When Lenny learns her secret has been betrayed she tells Babe:

5. While she tells her story, the comfort food Babe indulges in is:

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