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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lenny's reason for exploding at Meg over the candy is:
(a) Meg refuses to share anything with Lenny.
(b) Meg has no respect for other people's property.
(c) Meg has so much more than Lenny does.
(d) Meg never asks Lenny for permission for anything.

2. What seems to be Lenny's "comfort" food?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Lemonade.
(c) Popcorn.
(d) Candy.

3. Babe surprises Barnette by:
(a) Remembering all the details of the shooting.
(b) Confessing she does not love Zackery.
(c) Confessing the affair with Willy Jay.
(d) Remembering the first time they met at a Christmas Bazarre.

4. Lenny reveals that she did not tell Charlie about her ovary because:
(a) She did not want him to anger Old Granddaddy.
(b) She did not want him to pity her.
(c) She did not want him not to want her.
(d) She did not want him to know anything personal about her.

5. What did Babe want for her mother's funeral?
(a) She wanted a team of white horses to carry the coffin.
(b) She wanted her mother to be buried at a castle.
(c) She wanted a banana split for breakfast.
(d) She wanted to keep her mother's cat.

6. Why does Babe keep articles about unhappy things in her scrapbook?
(a) She wants to caution herself against repeating mistakes.
(b) She wants to keep an accurate record.
(c) She wants to remind herself of the good days.
(d) She wants to believe that all the events in her life were happy.

7. What is the name of the movie Meg tells Old Granddaddy she will star in?
(a) Singing in the Rain.
(b) Singing at Greeny's.
(c) Singing in a Shoe Factory.
(d) Singing in Biloxi.

8. People in town think Meg:
(a) Was the most responsible of the Magrath girls.
(b) Caused Doc's accident and then left him.
(c) Should have been famous.
(d) Caused Old Granddaddy's stroke.

9. Why has Lenny taken to sleeping in the kitchen?
(a) So she can hear the phone if it rings.
(b) So she can take care of Babe.
(c) So she can be close to the door if she needs to leave.
(d) So she can hear and attend to Old Granddaddy.

10. During their conversation:
(a) Zackery calls to arrange a deal with Babe.
(b) Zackery calls to tell Babe he has evidence against her.
(c) Barnette calls Zackery to arrange a deal.
(d) Barnette calls Zackery to tell him to not to contact Babe.

11. When Lenny learns her secret has been betrayed she tells Babe:
(a) She never wants to see Babe again.
(b) She has always known Babe loves Meg more that herself.
(c) She thinks Babe should go to jail for shooting Zackery.
(d) She will never trust Babe again.

12. Before she called the police after shooting Zackery, Babe:
(a) Made oatmeal.
(b) Made lemonade.
(c) Called Old Granddaddy.
(d) Called Lenny.

13. Why does Babe say things have been hard for Meg?
(a) Meg was the one who had to tell Old Granddaddy.
(b) Meg was the one who found their mother dead.
(c) Meg was the one who found their father dead.
(d) Meg was the one who got caught in the hurricane.

14. When Meg went crazy in L.A., what did she do with her jewels and valuables?
(a) She tried to stuff them into a mailbox to send them home.
(b) She tried to sell them to a pawn shop.
(c) She tried to sell them to Lenny.
(d) She tried to stuff them in a March of Dimes box.

15. Lenny believes Doc stated in Biloxi during the hurricane because:
(a) He was hurt and could not move.
(b) He couldn not make up his own mind.
(c) He loved Meg.
(d) He wanted to defy Old Granddaddy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Meg's comment, "sometimes I wonder what we wanted," implies:

2. How did Old Granddaddy try to make the girls feel better on the morning of their mother's funeral?

3. What secret has Babe revealed to Meg about Lenny?

4. What does Lenny fear will prevent men from loving her?

5. Rather than sympathizing with Meg's need to "toughen up" after their mother's suicide, Lenny believes:

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