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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Billy Boy was:
(a) Lenny's pen pal.
(b) Lenny's horse.
(c) Lenny's first love.
(d) Lenny's son.

2. Chick's physical appearance suggests:
(a) She wants the attention of men.
(b) She is a refined Southern lady.
(c) She is a woman concerned with appearances.
(d) She does not care what others think of her.

3. Barnette plans to win the case by arguing:
(a) Self-defense or not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.
(b) Murder in the first degree.
(c) Self-defense or guilty of manslaughter.
(d) Guilty by reason of insanity.

4. Chick's tight extra-petite pantyhose suggest:
(a) She cares more about appearance than comfort.
(b) Lenny has deliberately bought the wrong size.
(c) Lenny has forgotten what size she wears.
(d) She cares about the quality of her clothing.

5. Chick is upset at Lenny because:
(a) Lenny has called Meg home on Babe's behalf.
(b) Lenniy has invited Doc over.
(c) Lenny believes Babe is innocent.
(d) Lenny has not visited Granddaddy in the hospital.

6. Though Meg seems entirely self-interested, her actions reveal:
(a) She is ready to move home and help Lenny shoulder her responsibilities.
(b) She wants to stay in town to see what she will inherit after her granddaddy's death.
(c) She has sacrificed herself on many occasions for the family.
(d) She cares about her sisters and will act on their behalf.

7. Chick appears to be mainly concerned about:
(a) Lenny's feelings.
(b) Her own standing in the town.
(c) Babe's welfare.
(d) Her desire to be a member of the Ladies' League.

8. Granddaddy's attitude about Meg's singing career shows:
(a) He wants her to succeed, but won't use his connections to help her.
(b) He believes she will fail.
(c) He disapproves of her choice of careers.
(d) He is supportive but naive about show business.

9. Rather than admit she is gaining weight, Chick claims the pantyhose do not fit because:
(a) Lenny has purchased the wrong size.
(b) Lenny has shrunken them.
(c) Stress has caused her to become bloated.
(d) The company is skimping on nylon material.

10. Chick tells Lennie that Lenny's gift to her daughter fell apart because:
(a) She wants Lenny to like her.
(b) She wants to get revenge on Meg for her behavior.
(c) She wants Lenny to buy another gift.
(d) She wants to assert her superiority over Lenny.

11. Meg and Lenny's relationship appears at first to be:
(a) Distant and cold.
(b) Violent.
(c) Tentative.
(d) Friendly.

12. Lenny is surprised to find:
(a) Others might disapprove of Meg.
(b) Chick has remembered her birthday.
(c) Chick has some resentment toward Meg.
(d) Meg might not be coming home.

13. When Barnette Lloyd arrives, Babe:
(a) Confronts him and confesses everything.
(b) Tells him she cannot reveal her lover.
(c) Begs him to plead guilty so she can just go to jail.
(d) Refuses to speak with him and disappears.

14. Babe will not talk to Barnette Lloyd because:
(a) She is protecting her teenage lover.
(b) She wants to go to jail.
(c) She does not believe he can properly defend her.
(d) She is ashamed of herself for shooting Zackery.

15. Meg's remark, "We're getting so old," offends Lenny because:
(a) Meg knows it is Lenny's birthday.
(b) Doc does not see Meg as old.
(c) Meg says it right after she sees Lenny.
(d) Lenny feels ugly compared to Meg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Granddaddy's comment that Zackery was the best man for Babe whether she knew it or not implies:

2. When Babe begins telling her story, she refuses Meg's offer of candy, which suggests:

3. Chick's continual focus on the shame their mother's suicide brought on the family suggests:

4. When the girls argue about the lawyer, the mood becomes:

5. Lenny appears to be jealous about:

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