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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Babe muses about the birthday cake she has ordered for Lenny, Meg:
(a) Calls Doc to have a reunion.
(b) Calls Barnette Lloyd to invite him over to talk to Babe.
(c) Calls Lenny to tell her to come home.
(d) Calls Zackery to learn the truth about the shooting.

2. Babe seems to blame their mother's death on:
(a) The pressures of being a single mother.
(b) Society's judgement of women.
(c) The cat's misbehavior.
(d) Their father's abandonment.

3. Babe claims she shot Zackery in the stomach because:
(a) He caught her in the act with Willy Jay.
(b) She was tired of his yelling all the time.
(c) She was aiming for his heart and her hands were shaking.
(d) He threatened her life that day.

4. Lenny's solo celebration suggests:
(a) She is underappreciated and taken for granted.
(b) She has not told anyone about her birthday.
(c) Her family is angry with her.
(d) She is unpopular.

5. Granddaddy's attitude about Meg's singing career shows:
(a) He wants her to succeed, but won't use his connections to help her.
(b) He disapproves of her choice of careers.
(c) He believes she will fail.
(d) He is supportive but naive about show business.

6. Lenny has agreed to hire Barnette Lloyd:
(a) As a favor to a friend.
(b) Because he has a crush on Babe.
(c) As a last resort.
(d) Because he is the best lawyer in town.

7. When Chick arrives with Babe, she is upset because:
(a) Meg has shown up uninvited.
(b) Meg has asked her to leave.
(c) Babe has shot Zackery.
(d) Babe has refused to talk to her lawyer.

8. What secret does Babe reveal about Lenny to Meg?
(a) Lenny had never been on a date.
(b) Lenny dated a man she met through an ad in the paper.
(c) Lenny has taken up gardening as an escape.
(d) Lenny tried to hang herself like their mother did.

9. Lenny begins the play by:
(a) Playing her saxophone.
(b) Picking her sister up from prison.
(c) Celebrating her birthday alone.
(d) Remembering the anniversary of her mother's death.

10. Lenny is surprised to find:
(a) Chick has some resentment toward Meg.
(b) Others might disapprove of Meg.
(c) Chick has remembered her birthday.
(d) Meg might not be coming home.

11. Babe will not talk to Barnette Lloyd because:
(a) She wants to go to jail.
(b) She is protecting her teenage lover.
(c) She is ashamed of herself for shooting Zackery.
(d) She does not believe he can properly defend her.

12. Lenny appears to be jealous about:
(a) Doc's attention to Chick.
(b) Doc's new wife.
(c) Doc's interest in Meg.
(d) Doc's new baby.

13. Chick's continual focus on the shame their mother's suicide brought on the family suggests:
(a) She is the only responsible one in the family.
(b) She is afraid they will forget what happened,.
(c) She is untouched by the situation and doesn't remember much about it.
(d) She is unsympathetic and self-interested.

14. When Meg confesses her reservations, Barnette:
(a) Concedes he is not the right lawyer for the case.
(b) States he believes Babe did not act alone.
(c) Reveals he has a personal vendetta against Zackery.
(d) Pleads with her to keep him on for the experience.

15. Babe is oddly impressed by:
(a) The amount of attention she is getting in town.
(b) The amount of coverage she has received since the shooting.
(c) The prospect of going to jail.
(d) Willy Jay's attention to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chick tells Lennie that Lenny's gift to her daughter fell apart because:

2. When the sisters discover it is Lenny's birthday they decide to:

3. Meg claims she has not read Lenny's letters because:

4. Meg takes a coke from the fridge to calm Lennie, but first she drinks from it herself, indicating:

5. Babe does not want to expose Willy Jay because:

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