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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Babe claims she shot Zackery in the stomach because:
(a) He threatened her life that day.
(b) She was tired of his yelling all the time.
(c) He caught her in the act with Willy Jay.
(d) She was aiming for his heart and her hands were shaking.

2. Doc's gift to Lenny is:
(a) A sack of almonds.
(b) A sack of walnuts.
(c) A sack of peanuts.
(d) A sack of pecans.

3. Doc has apparently:
(a) Just returned to Hazlehurst.
(b) Just remembered Lenny's birthday.
(c) Just heard about Granddaddy's illness.
(d) Just gotten married.

4. Chick tells Lennie that Lenny's gift to her daughter fell apart because:
(a) She wants Lenny to like her.
(b) She wants to get revenge on Meg for her behavior.
(c) She wants to assert her superiority over Lenny.
(d) She wants Lenny to buy another gift.

5. The most pressing matter of the moment is:
(a) Taking Chick's children to the doctor.
(b) Picking up Babe from prison.
(c) Visiting Granddaddy at the hospital.
(d) Getting Doc out of the house before Meg sees him.

6. When Chick arrives with Babe, she is upset because:
(a) Babe has shot Zackery.
(b) Meg has shown up uninvited.
(c) Meg has asked her to leave.
(d) Babe has refused to talk to her lawyer.

7. Meg's remark, "We're getting so old," offends Lenny because:
(a) Meg says it right after she sees Lenny.
(b) Doc does not see Meg as old.
(c) Lenny feels ugly compared to Meg.
(d) Meg knows it is Lenny's birthday.

8. When Barnette Lloyd arrives, Babe:
(a) Begs him to plead guilty so she can just go to jail.
(b) Refuses to speak with him and disappears.
(c) Tells him she cannot reveal her lover.
(d) Confronts him and confesses everything.

9. Through Babe's confession she discovers:
(a) She is angry with granddaddy.
(b) She wants to protect herself from scandal.
(c) She does not love Zackery.
(d) She wants to live.

10. Chick asks Meg about her singing career because:
(a) She knows Meg has failed as a singer and wants her to feel badly about it.
(b) She is genuinely concerned about Meg's welfare.
(c) She wants to tell their granddaddy about it.
(d) She knows Meg is getting famous and wants to be part of the action.

11. Meg believes Lenny is shy with men because:
(a) She is ashamed of her shrunken ovary.
(b) She doesn't trust them since their Daddy left.
(c) She was never allowed to speak to them.
(d) She has had her heart broken.

12. Lenny begins the play by:
(a) Remembering the anniversary of her mother's death.
(b) Playing her saxophone.
(c) Celebrating her birthday alone.
(d) Picking her sister up from prison.

13. Babe will not talk to Barnette Lloyd because:
(a) She wants to go to jail.
(b) She does not believe he can properly defend her.
(c) She is ashamed of herself for shooting Zackery.
(d) She is protecting her teenage lover.

14. Babe is oddly impressed by:
(a) The amount of coverage she has received since the shooting.
(b) Willy Jay's attention to her.
(c) The amount of attention she is getting in town.
(d) The prospect of going to jail.

15. Barnette plans to win the case by arguing:
(a) Self-defense or guilty of manslaughter.
(b) Guilty by reason of insanity.
(c) Murder in the first degree.
(d) Self-defense or not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Though Meg seems entirely self-interested, her actions reveal:

2. While Babe muses about the birthday cake she has ordered for Lenny, Meg:

3. Lenny's solo celebration suggests:

4. When the sisters discover it is Lenny's birthday they decide to:

5. Lenny is surprised to find:

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