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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chick's attitude toward Meg reveals:
(a) Their relationship will be mended over the course of the play.
(b) She is secretly happy to have Meg back.
(c) She is jealous of Meg's lifestyle.
(d) Their relationship is strained and confrontational.

2. Though Meg seems entirely self-interested, her actions reveal:
(a) She wants to stay in town to see what she will inherit after her granddaddy's death.
(b) She has sacrificed herself on many occasions for the family.
(c) She cares about her sisters and will act on their behalf.
(d) She is ready to move home and help Lenny shoulder her responsibilities.

3. Chick asks Meg about her singing career because:
(a) She is genuinely concerned about Meg's welfare.
(b) She wants to tell their granddaddy about it.
(c) She knows Meg has failed as a singer and wants her to feel badly about it.
(d) She knows Meg is getting famous and wants to be part of the action.

4. Doc has come by to tell Lenny:
(a) Billy Boy has died of old age.
(b) Billy Boy has run away.
(c) Billy Boy was struck by a car.
(d) Billy Boy was struck by lightning.

5. Meg claims she has not read Lenny's letters because:
(a) She gets pains in her chest when she thinks of family.
(b) She has moved so many times she no longer receives them.
(c) She is no longer interested in the family.
(d) She needs time to pursue her career.

6. Chick's tight extra-petite pantyhose suggest:
(a) Lenny has deliberately bought the wrong size.
(b) She cares about the quality of her clothing.
(c) She cares more about appearance than comfort.
(d) Lenny has forgotten what size she wears.

7. Meg and Babe remember their mother's death differently because:
(a) Babe loved their mother and Meg did not.
(b) Meg is not as realistic as Babe.
(c) Meg was older than Babe when their mother died.
(d) Meg refuses to believe her mother committed suicide.

8. The most pressing matter of the moment is:
(a) Visiting Granddaddy at the hospital.
(b) Getting Doc out of the house before Meg sees him.
(c) Taking Chick's children to the doctor.
(d) Picking up Babe from prison.

9. Babe claims she shot Zackery in the stomach because:
(a) He threatened her life that day.
(b) She was tired of his yelling all the time.
(c) She was aiming for his heart and her hands were shaking.
(d) He caught her in the act with Willy Jay.

10. During the argument Lenny reveals:
(a) Granddaddy is angry with Meg.
(b) Chick does not want Meg around.
(c) It is her birthday.
(d) Doc had visited earlier.

11. Babe seems to blame their mother's death on:
(a) The cat's misbehavior.
(b) The pressures of being a single mother.
(c) Society's judgement of women.
(d) Their father's abandonment.

12. Chick's physical appearance suggests:
(a) She is a refined Southern lady.
(b) She does not care what others think of her.
(c) She is a woman concerned with appearances.
(d) She wants the attention of men.

13. Barnette plans to win the case by arguing:
(a) Self-defense or guilty of manslaughter.
(b) Murder in the first degree.
(c) Self-defense or not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.
(d) Guilty by reason of insanity.

14. Meg believes Lenny is shy with men because:
(a) She doesn't trust them since their Daddy left.
(b) She has had her heart broken.
(c) She is ashamed of her shrunken ovary.
(d) She was never allowed to speak to them.

15. Babe is oddly impressed by:
(a) The amount of attention she is getting in town.
(b) The amount of coverage she has received since the shooting.
(c) Willy Jay's attention to her.
(d) The prospect of going to jail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Through Babe's confession she discovers:

2. Chick's continual focus on the shame their mother's suicide brought on the family suggests:

3. Lenny's solo celebration suggests:

4. Lenny believes Babe shot Zackery because:

5. Billy Boy was:

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