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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the sisters discover it is Lenny's birthday they decide to:
(a) Order her a birthday cake from the bakery.
(b) Contact Charlie Hill for her.
(c) Sing Happy Birthday with a candle on a cookie.
(d) Buy her a box of candy.

2. Billy Boy's death might signal:
(a) A bad omen for the Magraths.
(b) A change for Lenny.
(c) The death of hope.
(d) Granddaddy's death.

3. Lenny begins the play by:
(a) Playing her saxophone.
(b) Picking her sister up from prison.
(c) Celebrating her birthday alone.
(d) Remembering the anniversary of her mother's death.

4. Babe's story suggests that Lenny broke up with Charlie Hill because:
(a) She did not find him attractive.
(b) Her granddaddy did not approve of him.
(c) Her granddaddy insisted she marry Zackery Botrelle.
(d) She told him about her shrunken ovary and he rejected her.

5. Babe seems to blame their mother's death on:
(a) The cat's misbehavior.
(b) The pressures of being a single mother.
(c) Society's judgement of women.
(d) Their father's abandonment.

6. Chick's physical appearance suggests:
(a) She is a refined Southern lady.
(b) She is a woman concerned with appearances.
(c) She does not care what others think of her.
(d) She wants the attention of men.

7. While Babe muses about the birthday cake she has ordered for Lenny, Meg:
(a) Calls Lenny to tell her to come home.
(b) Calls Barnette Lloyd to invite him over to talk to Babe.
(c) Calls Zackery to learn the truth about the shooting.
(d) Calls Doc to have a reunion.

8. Chick appears to be mainly concerned about:
(a) Babe's welfare.
(b) Her desire to be a member of the Ladies' League.
(c) Her own standing in the town.
(d) Lenny's feelings.

9. Chick implies that Meg is the reason:
(a) Doc now walks with a limp.
(b) Lenny is alone on her birthday.
(c) Babe has suffered negative publicity.
(d) Granddaddy is sick.

10. When Meg objects to Barnette, Lenny claims:
(a) Meg should have found a better lawyer.
(b) Barnette is the best lawyer in town.
(c) Too much responsibilty has fallen on her.
(d) No one could defeat Zackery in court.

11. Chick's continual focus on the shame their mother's suicide brought on the family suggests:
(a) She is afraid they will forget what happened,.
(b) She is unsympathetic and self-interested.
(c) She is the only responsible one in the family.
(d) She is untouched by the situation and doesn't remember much about it.

12. Though Meg seems entirely self-interested, her actions reveal:
(a) She is ready to move home and help Lenny shoulder her responsibilities.
(b) She has sacrificed herself on many occasions for the family.
(c) She wants to stay in town to see what she will inherit after her granddaddy's death.
(d) She cares about her sisters and will act on their behalf.

13. Meg's remark, "We're getting so old," offends Lenny because:
(a) Doc does not see Meg as old.
(b) Meg says it right after she sees Lenny.
(c) Meg knows it is Lenny's birthday.
(d) Lenny feels ugly compared to Meg.

14. Meg believes Lenny is shy with men because:
(a) She is ashamed of her shrunken ovary.
(b) She has had her heart broken.
(c) She was never allowed to speak to them.
(d) She doesn't trust them since their Daddy left.

15. When Meg confesses her reservations, Barnette:
(a) Reveals he has a personal vendetta against Zackery.
(b) Pleads with her to keep him on for the experience.
(c) States he believes Babe did not act alone.
(d) Concedes he is not the right lawyer for the case.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lenny's solo celebration suggests:

2. Chick tells Lennie that Lenny's gift to her daughter fell apart because:

3. Meg explains their mother's suicide by telling Babe:

4. Lenny appears to be jealous about:

5. Babe will not talk to Barnette Lloyd because:

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