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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Meg takes a coke from the fridge to calm Lennie, but first she drinks from it herself, indicating:
(a) She is more immediately concerned with herself than with Lenny.
(b) Lennie is not thirsty.
(c) She is hungry and thirsty after her journey.
(d) She needs time to think of what to say next.

2. Meg and Babe fantasize about the huge birthday cake they have ordered for Lenny, which reveals:
(a) They have no idea how serious their predicaments are.
(b) They are unprepared for adult life.
(c) They are completely irresponsible.
(d) They are still childlike and playful despite their disappointments.

3. Doc's gift to Lenny is:
(a) A sack of pecans.
(b) A sack of walnuts.
(c) A sack of peanuts.
(d) A sack of almonds.

4. Meg arrives in town without knowing:
(a) That Zackery was shot.
(b) That Babe shot Zackery.
(c) That Doc still loves her.
(d) That Chick disapproves of her.

5. When Babe begins telling her story, she refuses Meg's offer of candy, which suggests:
(a) She is prepared to tell the truth, and does not need to
(b) She has given up entirely.
(c) She is angry with Meg for dragging the story out of her.
(d) She wants to get the story over with as quickly as possible.

6. Lenny's birthday gift turns out to be a box of candy, which suggests:
(a) Chick has put no thought into the gift.
(b) Chick cares a great deal about Lenny.
(c) Lenny has a sweet tooth.
(d) Lenny is overweight.

7. Chick's attitude toward Meg reveals:
(a) Their relationship will be mended over the course of the play.
(b) She is secretly happy to have Meg back.
(c) She is jealous of Meg's lifestyle.
(d) Their relationship is strained and confrontational.

8. Babe claims she shot Zackery in the stomach because:
(a) She was aiming for his heart and her hands were shaking.
(b) She was tired of his yelling all the time.
(c) He caught her in the act with Willy Jay.
(d) He threatened her life that day.

9. Chick implies that Meg is the reason:
(a) Granddaddy is sick.
(b) Doc now walks with a limp.
(c) Babe has suffered negative publicity.
(d) Lenny is alone on her birthday.

10. When Chick arrives with Babe, she is upset because:
(a) Meg has shown up uninvited.
(b) Babe has refused to talk to her lawyer.
(c) Babe has shot Zackery.
(d) Meg has asked her to leave.

11. What secret does Babe reveal about Lenny to Meg?
(a) Lenny had never been on a date.
(b) Lenny has taken up gardening as an escape.
(c) Lenny tried to hang herself like their mother did.
(d) Lenny dated a man she met through an ad in the paper.

12. Meg claims she has not read Lenny's letters because:
(a) She is no longer interested in the family.
(b) She needs time to pursue her career.
(c) She has moved so many times she no longer receives them.
(d) She gets pains in her chest when she thinks of family.

13. The most pressing matter of the moment is:
(a) Visiting Granddaddy at the hospital.
(b) Picking up Babe from prison.
(c) Taking Chick's children to the doctor.
(d) Getting Doc out of the house before Meg sees him.

14. Though Meg seems entirely self-interested, her actions reveal:
(a) She wants to stay in town to see what she will inherit after her granddaddy's death.
(b) She cares about her sisters and will act on their behalf.
(c) She is ready to move home and help Lenny shoulder her responsibilities.
(d) She has sacrificed herself on many occasions for the family.

15. Lenny is surprised to find:
(a) Meg might not be coming home.
(b) Chick has remembered her birthday.
(c) Chick has some resentment toward Meg.
(d) Others might disapprove of Meg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Doc has come by to tell Lenny:

2. Barnette immediately wins Meg over because:

3. Babe does not want to expose Willy Jay because:

4. Billy Boy's death might signal:

5. When Doc leaves, what does Lenny do?

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