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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Babe is oddly impressed by:
(a) Willy Jay's attention to her.
(b) The prospect of going to jail.
(c) The amount of attention she is getting in town.
(d) The amount of coverage she has received since the shooting.

2. Billy Boy's death might signal:
(a) Granddaddy's death.
(b) A change for Lenny.
(c) A bad omen for the Magraths.
(d) The death of hope.

3. Chick's attitude toward Meg reveals:
(a) She is jealous of Meg's lifestyle.
(b) She is secretly happy to have Meg back.
(c) Their relationship is strained and confrontational.
(d) Their relationship will be mended over the course of the play.

4. Meg explains their mother's suicide by telling Babe:
(a) Their mother had a real bad day.
(b) They are all better off now.
(c) Their father was responsible for her death.
(d) Their mother was temporarily insane.

5. Meg believes Lenny is shy with men because:
(a) She is ashamed of her shrunken ovary.
(b) She has had her heart broken.
(c) She doesn't trust them since their Daddy left.
(d) She was never allowed to speak to them.

6. When the sisters discover it is Lenny's birthday they decide to:
(a) Contact Charlie Hill for her.
(b) Sing Happy Birthday with a candle on a cookie.
(c) Order her a birthday cake from the bakery.
(d) Buy her a box of candy.

7. Chick asks Meg about her singing career because:
(a) She wants to tell their granddaddy about it.
(b) She knows Meg is getting famous and wants to be part of the action.
(c) She is genuinely concerned about Meg's welfare.
(d) She knows Meg has failed as a singer and wants her to feel badly about it.

8. Babe claims she shot Zackery in the stomach because:
(a) He caught her in the act with Willy Jay.
(b) He threatened her life that day.
(c) She was aiming for his heart and her hands were shaking.
(d) She was tired of his yelling all the time.

9. Granddaddy's comment that Zackery was the best man for Babe whether she knew it or not implies:
(a) Granddaddy was not interested in her happiness.
(b) Babe was thrilled to marry him.
(c) Babe was not happy to marry him.
(d) Zackery threatened Babe into marrying him.

10. Barnette plans to win the case by arguing:
(a) Self-defense or guilty of manslaughter.
(b) Guilty by reason of insanity.
(c) Self-defense or not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.
(d) Murder in the first degree.

11. Babe seems to blame their mother's death on:
(a) Society's judgement of women.
(b) The cat's misbehavior.
(c) Their father's abandonment.
(d) The pressures of being a single mother.

12. Chick implies that Meg is the reason:
(a) Babe has suffered negative publicity.
(b) Lenny is alone on her birthday.
(c) Doc now walks with a limp.
(d) Granddaddy is sick.

13. Meg protests to the idea of Doc's wife because:
(a) His wife is a Yankee.
(b) His wife is Southern.
(c) She still has feelings for Doc and wants to tell him.
(d) She detests artists because she is jealous of them.

14. Chick is upset at Lenny because:
(a) Lenny believes Babe is innocent.
(b) Lenny has called Meg home on Babe's behalf.
(c) Lenniy has invited Doc over.
(d) Lenny has not visited Granddaddy in the hospital.

15. Chick's physical appearance suggests:
(a) She is a refined Southern lady.
(b) She is a woman concerned with appearances.
(c) She wants the attention of men.
(d) She does not care what others think of her.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Barnette Lloyd arrives, Babe:

2. Meg takes a coke from the fridge to calm Lennie, but first she drinks from it herself, indicating:

3. Meg and Lenny's relationship appears at first to be:

4. Meg arrives in town without knowing:

5. Chick appears to be mainly concerned about:

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