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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Babe's hysteria does not allow her to register:
(a) That Zackery's liver is getting better.
(b) That Zackery has had photos taken of her and Willy Jay.
(c) That Old Granddaddy has had another stroke.
(d) That Meg has run off with Doc.

2. Barnette immediately wins Meg over because:
(a) He is young and attractive.
(b) He has seen Meg sing and admires her talent.
(c) He does not know the family's past history.
(d) He believes Babe is innocent.

3. Chick asks Meg about her singing career because:
(a) She knows Meg is getting famous and wants to be part of the action.
(b) She is genuinely concerned about Meg's welfare.
(c) She knows Meg has failed as a singer and wants her to feel badly about it.
(d) She wants to tell their granddaddy about it.

4. Meg's remark, "We're getting so old," offends Lenny because:
(a) Meg says it right after she sees Lenny.
(b) Lenny feels ugly compared to Meg.
(c) Meg knows it is Lenny's birthday.
(d) Doc does not see Meg as old.

5. When the girls argue about the lawyer, the mood becomes:
(a) Angry and violent.
(b) Reflective and sober.
(c) Joyous and celebratory.
(d) Angry and confrontational.

Short Answer Questions

1. Babe looks happy in her wedding picture because:

2. When Meg objects to Barnette, Lenny claims:

3. Why does Doc come over during the card game?

4. During the argument Lenny reveals:

5. Billy Boy's death might signal:

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