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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Doc leaves, what does Lenny do?
(a) Continues singing Happy Birthday to herself.
(b) Bakes a pecan pie.
(c) Plans Billy Boy's funeral.
(d) Tries to call Meg again.

2. Meg takes a coke from the fridge to calm Lennie, but first she drinks from it herself, indicating:
(a) She needs time to think of what to say next.
(b) She is more immediately concerned with herself than with Lenny.
(c) She is hungry and thirsty after her journey.
(d) Lennie is not thirsty.

3. Doc has apparently:
(a) Just heard about Granddaddy's illness.
(b) Just remembered Lenny's birthday.
(c) Just gotten married.
(d) Just returned to Hazlehurst.

4. During the argument Lenny reveals:
(a) It is her birthday.
(b) Doc had visited earlier.
(c) Chick does not want Meg around.
(d) Granddaddy is angry with Meg.

5. Meg arrives in town without knowing:
(a) That Chick disapproves of her.
(b) That Zackery was shot.
(c) That Babe shot Zackery.
(d) That Doc still loves her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lenny's solo celebration suggests:

2. Lenny is surprised to find:

3. When Meg confesses her reservations, Barnette:

4. Rather than admit she is gaining weight, Chick claims the pantyhose do not fit because:

5. Granddaddy's comment that Zackery was the best man for Babe whether she knew it or not implies:

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