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Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to visit Raskolnikov at the beginning of the chapter?

2. What does Raskolnikov worry about?

3. Who does Svidrigaylov say tried to save him?

4. What does Raskolnikov ask his mother?

5. Why is Sonia disturbed by Raskolnikev's attitude?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Mrs. Marmaladov different to Raskolnikov?

2. What effect does Svidrigaylov death have on Raskolnikov?

3. In what ways does Porfiry show what perceptive detective he is?

4. How do you think not confessing to the murder will affect Raskolnikov?

5. How does Luzhin use his wealth?

6. Why do you think Luzhin is so angry at Raskolnikov?

7. In the epilogue how does Dostoevsky distance the reader from Raskolnikov?

8. Do you think Raskolnikov has finally accepted his guilt?

9. Do you think Svidrigaylov and Raskolnikov's confession is the miracle that Svidrigaylov claims?

10. Why do you think Mrs. Marmaladov loses control?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The main themes in the novel are crime, poverty and justice. Take one of these themes and discuss how Dostoevsky expresses them in the book? Why do you think these themes were important concerns in nineteenth century Russia?

Essay Topic 2

Crime and Punishment is a psychological drama.

1) Using examples from the book describe what you think are the main elements of a psychological drama.

2) In what way is Raskolnikov a typical character from a psychological drama? Are there any similar characters in contemporary psychological dramas?

3) What influence do you think Crime and Punishment has had on the psychological novel?

Essay Topic 3

Crime and Punishment is translated into English from the Russian. How much meaning do you think a novel loses through translation? What aspects of the novel do you think would be the most difficult to express in English? In what way do you think a translator tries to overcome these difficulties?

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