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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is waiting for Raskolnikov when he wakes up?

2. Why does Raskolnikov leave?

3. What kind of job does Nicolas have?

4. What does the craftsmen call Raskolnikov?

5. Why does Luzhin say he wants to marry a poor woman?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Raskolnikov feel after the murder?

2. In what way have Raskolnikov and Porfiry switched roles in chapter five?

3. Why is Nicolas suspected of the murder?

4. How do you think the people in Raskolnikov's dream relate to his current situation?

5. How does Dostoevsky create so much drama in the murder scene?

6. Why do you think Razumikhin is infatuated with Dunya?

7. What does the letter show about Raskolnikov's relationship with his family?

8. In what way does Luzhin's letter put the women in a difficult position?

9. What does Raskolnikov think of his sister's fiance Luzhin?

10. In way does Raskolnikov show a weak will?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel is full of coincidences and fateful meetings. For example, Raskolnikov walks into the same bar where the inspector in charge of the murder case is having a drink. Take one of the coincidences in the book and discuss in what way do you think it contributes to the novel's psychological elements.

Essay Topic 2

The novel is set in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

1) What meaning does St. Petersburg bring to the novel? What would you automatically presume about a novel that was set in St. Petersburg?

2) How different do you think today's St. Petersburg is to the St. Petersburg in the novel? How do you think the novel's meaning would change if it were set in today's St. Petersburg?

3) How do you think the interior settings of the novel contribute to the novel's dark atmosphere?

Essay Topic 3

Crime and Punishment is a psychological drama.

1) Using examples from the book describe what you think are the main elements of a psychological drama.

2) In what way is Raskolnikov a typical character from a psychological drama? Are there any similar characters in contemporary psychological dramas?

3) What influence do you think Crime and Punishment has had on the psychological novel?

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