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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Porfiry do when he suspects someone?

2. What does Rashnikov dream about?

3. Where does Raskolnikov visit after his meeting with Zamyotov?

4. Where does Raskolnikov sleep?

5. Who looks after Raskolnikov when he becomes feverish?

Short Essay Questions

1. In way can the reader sympathize with Raskolnikov?

2. Why do you think Raskolnikov arranges to meet Porfiry?

3. Why do you think Raskolnikov leaves the room so abruptly in chapter three?

4. What do you think Raskolnikov's dream in this chapter represents?

5. What is a magistrate in the context of this book?

6. What does the first chapter say about Raskolnikov's character?

7. Why do you think Dunya chooses her brother over her fiance Luzhin?

8. In what way does Porfiry suggest Raskolnikov has made a mistake?

9. In what way is Raskolnikov beginning to question himself and his theories?

10. How does Raskolnikov hide his guilt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Porfiry is probably the cleverest character in the book and quickly works out Raskolnikov.

1) What do you think are Porfiry's goals? How does he achieve his goals?

2) In what way do you think Porfiry wins Raskolnikov's respect and ultimately his trust? Do you think that Porfiry has sympathy for Raskolnikov?

Essay Topic 2

Dialogue plays an important part in the novel and one chapter consists of just a dialogue between Raskolnikov and Porfiry. Using example from the novel discuss the important part dialogue plays in the following areas.

1) Character development.

2) Plot development

3) The development of the novel's themes.

In what way do you think dialogue can be overused?

Essay Topic 3

Raskolnikov often contradicts himself and eventually it leads to his downfall. In what way does Raskolnikov contradict himself? What do you think it says about his character that he does contradict himself? Do you think he contradicts himself less as the novel goes on? If so why?

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