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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Razumikhin have in the cafe?

2. Who does the housekeeper say mended Rakolnikov's shirts?

3. What do Sonia and Raskolnikov talk about?

4. How does Raskolnikov think the police want to trip him up?

5. Who plans to interview all the pawnbrokers old clients?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do you think the people in Raskolnikov's dream relate to his current situation?

2. Why do you think Dunya chooses her brother over her fiance Luzhin?

3. Why is chapter six such an important scene in the novel?

4. What do you think the horse symbolizes in Raskolnikov's dream?

5. Why do you think Razumikhin is infatuated with Dunya?

6. In way can the reader sympathize with Raskolnikov?

7. In what way does Luzhin's letter put the women in a difficult position?

8. How does Raskolnikov hide his guilt?

9. In what way does Dunya and Mrs. Raskolnikov's new situation aide Razumikhin?

10. What is a magistrate in the context of this book?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Identify the main themes in the novel and describe how Dostoevsky expresses each theme in the book. What do you think the themes say about his opinions as a writer and intellectual?

Essay Topic 2

Dostoevsky represents family as an important, even essential part of Russian life. In what way does Raskolnikov's family help him when they arrive in St. Petersburg? Do you think that Raskolnikov would of committed the murder if his family had been in closer contact? In what way are the characters such as Luzhin with no family different to the characters with a family?

Essay Topic 3

Crime and Punishment is translated into English from the Russian. How much meaning do you think a novel loses through translation? What aspects of the novel do you think would be the most difficult to express in English? In what way do you think a translator tries to overcome these difficulties?

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