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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who never recovered from the shock of Raskolnikov's confession?
(a) Svidrigaylov
(b) His mother
(c) Razumikhin
(d) Dunya

2. What is Porfiry not satisfied with?
(a) The lack of evidence
(b) Nicolas's confession
(c) Raskolnikov's alibi
(d) The police's official procedure

3. Who does Raskolnikov ask Sonia to make a choice between?
(a) Putin and Tolstoy
(b) God and the devil
(c) Her stepmother and Luzhin
(d) Luzhin and himself

4. Who has followed him to Siberia?
(a) Profiry
(b) His mother
(c) Sonia
(d) Dunya

5. How much money does Sonia return?
(a) 10 rubles
(b) 1 ruble
(c) 8 rubles
(d) 50 rubles

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Raskolnikev not see his act as a crime?

2. Whose funeral is taking place in chapter 1?

3. What does Sonia try not to do?

4. What country does Svidrigaylov say he is going to?

5. Who does Raskolnikov think is the only person who has the courage to accept him?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what ways are Svidrigaylov and Raskolnikov similar?

2. What effect does Raskolnikov's decision to confess have on his mental state.

3. How does Dostoevsky portray Raskolnikov's conflicting emotions in chapter four?

4. How do you think not confessing to the murder will affect Raskolnikov?

5. Why do you think Luzhin is so angry at Raskolnikov?

6. What do you think chapter two means in context of the novel?

7. Do you think Raskolnikov has to make a confession?

8. In what ways does Porfiry show what perceptive detective he is?

9. In what way does Dostoevsky show Dunya to be different to her brother?

10. Why is making a public confession so difficult for Raskolnikov?

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