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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Raskolnikov leave?
(a) He feels ill
(b) He can see he has gained an advantage
(c) He needs to meet someone
(d) He needs a vodka

2. What details does Porfiry mention about Raskolnikov's recent behavior?
(a) His dislike of Luzhin
(b) His visit to the crime scene and various private conversations
(c) The money Svidrigaylov has given him
(d) His arguments with Dunya

3. Why does Luzhin say he wants to marry a poor woman?
(a) Because he was born poor
(b) She will benefit from his money
(c) Because she will be easier to control
(d) Because poor women are more affectionate

4. Who does the old lady want to leave her money to when she dies?
(a) The university
(b) A monastry
(c) Her son
(d) Her half sister

5. Where did the craftsmen hear Nicolas's confession?
(a) At church
(b) In a cave
(c) In a bar
(d) At the police station

6. Who does Raskolnikov visit at the beginning of chapter 4?
(a) Sonia
(b) Svidrigaylov
(c) Nicolas
(d) Lisaveta

7. What does Raskolnikov drink before he falls asleep?
(a) Whisky
(b) Beer
(c) Vodka
(d) Coffee

8. What does Raskolnikov find in the old women's chest?
(a) A dead body
(b) Tins of food
(c) Clothes and jewelry
(d) Gold

9. Which of the following does Razumikhin say to describe Raskolnikov's present state?
(a) Morose, gloomy, proud and stuck up
(b) As mad as a hatter
(c) A mad, crazy nut job
(d) Funny, yet serious

10. What does Razumikhin have in the cafe?
(a) An orange juice
(b) A vodka and sausage
(c) An omelette
(d) A vodka and pastry

11. What does Raskolnikov ask the workers?
(a) If they saw the bodies
(b) If they are married with children
(c) If they have cleaned up the bloodstains
(d) If they have the time

12. Who does Sonia think will take care of her and her family?
(a) God
(b) The church
(c) Raskolnikov
(d) The government

13. Who does Raskolnikov ask to look after his mother and sister?
(a) Svidrigaylov
(b) Luzhin
(c) Razumikhin
(d) Nicolas

14. What time does Lisaveta say she will return to the market?
(a) 12 pm
(b) 7 pm
(c) 8 am
(d) 7 am

15. What does Raskolnikov want to recover from the old woman's house?
(a) His axe
(b) His money
(c) His family heirlooms
(d) His shoes

Short Answer Questions

1. In what month does the story begin?

2. What does Raskolnikov want to tell Sonia?

3. What does the craftsmen call Raskolnikov?

4. What kind of animal does Raskolnikov dream about?

5. What is the name of Dunya's fiance?

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