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• The story begins on a hot July evening in St. Petersburg, when the young student Raskolnikov goes out for a walk. He dreads meeting the landlady since he owes her money.

• His thoughts turn to a bizarre, mysterious notion that has recently come to him.

• Whatever the idea may be, he assures himself it is only a "hideous dream" and not a serious proposition.

• He walks to a house and rings the bell. A sickly old woman with a sharp, unkind face comes to the door.

• Inside the apartment he makes note of many little details, like the location of her keys and studies the rooms for signs of other inhabitants.

• He leaves the house and goes into a bar. The whole idea now seems ridiculous.

• At the bar, Raskolnikov meets Mr. Marmaladov, a civil servant. The drunken man tells his life story.

• Raskolnikov...

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